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Ethic of Care and Environmental Ethic

  1. How do you personally define an ethic of care?

I personally define the ethics of care as an attitude to taking and following by action. Care is embodied in practice and value. It’s a relationship built by emotion that can’t be separated from actual action driven by emotional impetus. It’s also about attentiveness-being aware and willing to do something, competence-having (using) the skills to able to care, and responsiveness.

  1. What would be needed to create an ethic of care?

We need to be aware of what’s going on in our world and that our actions will always affect the world in some way or another, according as the butterfly effect. So, we also need to know what are the consequences of our actions, and to take a long view of these consequences, because these consequences tend to be delayed. In order to create an ethic of care, we need the above knowledge to create a relationship, and taking action on it.

  1. What would we have to believe about the environment to care for it? How should we see it?

 The environment around us is an essential part of human survival and development. I would like to believe that people who do not care about the environment, simply do not understand how important it is to all of us and that it does not affect them directly, these are my reasons why we should be concerned and care about the environment. We should see it as an ongoing and serious global problem that concerns every one of us, and think long term about our future generations.

  1. How would we act if we cared about the environment? – give scenario

We can show our care for the environment in our daily life through some actions within our power.

-Reduce the use of disposable products, such as we can use our own reusable bags instead of supermarket’s disposable plastic bags.

-Limit the amount of bottled water we drink, preferably with a reusable water bottle. Statistics show that more than one million bottles of drinking water are sold every minute worldwide. Bottled water is one of the main sources of plastic waste.

Resource shortage is one of the most serious environmental problems in the world. For example, the paper is made from wood pulp, so we can protect the forest by saving paper. Save water, electricity, food and so on is saving the resource for our sustainable development.

  1. What would be different about the world if everyone adopted this ethic of care towards the environment? Benefits and drawbacks?

If everyone adopted this care for the environment, maybe there wouldn’t be so many environmental problems in the world. Global warming and climate change may be solved or not happening at all, and there won’t be so many places suffering from air pollution that we and our future generations will live in a better world, a healthier planet.

The disadvantage is that it may affect the interests of some companies or even the development of some countries. For example, If we stop drinking bottled water, using disposable plastic bags and disposable tableware in order to reduce the pollution of plastic waste; If we force the closure of some heavy industrial plants to reduce air pollution, what will happen to the factories that produce these things and the people who work there and it will certainly affect the interests of the companies that own them. There are also some of the country’s main economic source is exported oil fuel or other non-renewable resources, if we in order to protect the mineral resources, reduce environmental pollution, protect the ecological balance of earth and the basic structure, then the export trade and economic development in these countries will be affected from will affect the development of the whole country.

  1. Should we adopt an ethic of care towards the environment?

To some extent, we should adopt an ethic of care towards the environment, which will make us more aware of these environmental problems and recognize what the consequences are, thus we will take some actions and make changes in our daily life. But not all people judge themselves by the same ethics, everyone has different values, we can’t hold everyone to one standard. However, In my personal opinion, I’m in favor adopt an ethic of care towards the environment.