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Week 2 – Precalc 11

For the second week of Precalc 11, we continued studying about “Roots and Powers”.

We learned power with positive rational exponent and negative rational exponent.

We also learned Exponent Laws and Order of Operations which is applying the order of operations and exponent laws to evaluate numerical expressions and simplify algebraic expressions. We can recall “BADMAS” for remembering the order:

B (brackets)  E (exponents)  D/M (divided or multiply )  A/S (add or subtract)

And through the skill check 2, I noticed an exponent law that is very easy to make mistakes, that is !!! a^0 = 1 !!!

Week 1 – Precalc 11

For the first week of Precalc 11, we did a little bit review of Math 10 staff and started our new unit “Roots and Powers”.

First, in the review part, I learned a new method to factor the polynomials. Which is called “Box Method” , to me it is a more clearly and visualized way to shows the factoring process.

I made a mistake at the beginning with this following polynomial but after Ms. Burton taught us the “box method” , it makes more sense to me.

In the new unit, I learned how to evaluate the fraction radical.