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Grace’s Goals

Personal goal

      At the end of the semester, I will get an A in my Science 10 class. I will take notes for each class and review it after school. I will study hard for my tests and each quiz. I will try to finish my homework in class and ask the teacher questions. I will try my best to complete the group work and project. And I will do every experiment carefully in the lab. When I get anything wrong, I will ask teacher first, or ask my friends for help after school.

 Academic goal

I will pass the Japanese level test “N2”, before the 11th grade. I will by some grammar book and reference book about the test. I will learn these Japanese words and grammar by myself in my free time, but make sure to study two days a week. I will do some past test paper at home, if I have some questions that I don’t understand, I will look it up on my own first and then ask my Japanese teacher or ask my Japanese friends at school.