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Week 1 – Precalc 11

For the first week of Precalc 11, we did a little bit review of Math 10 staff and started our new unit “Roots and Powers”.

First, in the review part, I learned a new method to factor the polynomials. Which is called “Box Method” , to me it is a more clearly and visualized way to shows the factoring process.

I made a mistake at the beginning with this following polynomial but after Ms. Burton taught us the “box method” , it makes more sense to me.

In the new unit, I learned how to evaluate the fraction radical.


Scientific Wonder Project





科学家认为,  第四个维度  的英文时间,它控制着任何特定点上所有已知物质的性质与其他三个维度一起,了解物体在时间上的位置对于绘制其在宇宙中的位置至关重要其他方面是更深层次的可能性发挥作用的地方,并解释他们与其他人的互动是物理学家特别棘手的地方实际上,由于强引力的影响,黑洞的尺寸确实很复杂。在黑洞内部,时间变成了“维度”,产生了我们熟悉的4维术语,时空。


根据超弦理论,第五第六状语从句:维度。英文的世界可能的概念出现的地方理解一个10维宇宙从理论上讲,如果你能够掌握第五维和第六维,你可以回到过去或者去不同的未来。在  第七维中,你可以访问以不同初始条件开始的可能世界在  第八个方面  再次为我们提供了这种可能的宇宙历史的平面,其每一个从不同的初始条件和。在树枝出无限(因此为什么它们被称为无穷大)  第九维度,我们可以比较所有可能的宇宙历史,开始具有所有不同的物理定律和初始条件在里面  第十状语从句:求最后一个维度,我们到达了可能一切柯林斯状语从句:想象的地方。

Calabi yau formatted.svg



然而,没有人真正知道有多少维度构成了宇宙 – 这仍然是一个非常激动人心的研究领域。事实证明,黑洞可能能够提供线索,帮助天文学家估计构成宇宙的维数,因为这些额外的维度只能在非常有活力的过程中“感觉到”,例如在黑洞内!



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Grace’s Goals

Personal goal

      At the end of the semester, I will get an A in my Science 10 class. I will take notes for each class and review it after school. I will study hard for my tests and each quiz. I will try to finish my homework in class and ask the teacher questions. I will try my best to complete the group work and project. And I will do every experiment carefully in the lab. When I get anything wrong, I will ask teacher first, or ask my friends for help after school.

 Academic goal

I will pass the Japanese level test “N2”, before the 11th grade. I will by some grammar book and reference book about the test. I will learn these Japanese words and grammar by myself in my free time, but make sure to study two days a week. I will do some past test paper at home, if I have some questions that I don’t understand, I will look it up on my own first and then ask my Japanese teacher or ask my Japanese friends at school.


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Current Event Analysis 




“你可以使用AI来检测东西,但是你也可以使用AI来破解东西。” 我认为这个工具可以阻塞面部识别软件,这是一个很好的保护我们的方法。





Pursuit of Happiness Reflection

    The movie”The Pursuit of Happiness”is a story about that a father never give up and succeed in the end. I like this movie. This is the second time I have seen the movie, it brings me a lot of different feelings.

    “You got a dream, you gotta protect it.People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. Ifyou want something, go get it., Period”. This sentence was impressed me a lot. I think most people will remember this sentence after having seen this movie. Our dream is precious; there is no denying that we should protectit from anything!

In this movie the protagonist is called ChrisGardner. For him, his life has been divided to six parts.

Firstly, Riding the bus. He was riding the bus every day, and in pursuit.
Secondly, Being stupid . At that time, he was doing something foolish. He lost his bone density scanner.
Thirdly, Running.  He was running for everything, running for his job,for opportunity and running with the time. At this part his wife left him.
Fourthly, Intership. He got a chance for internship. But it was very difficult to past the test and got a job. Even so, he decided to catch the chance. Because he didn’t want to give up any other chances.
Fifthly, Paying taxes. In that time,healmost felt that what he had done was worthless. He was depressed, that the first time he was cried.
Sixthly ,Happiness .He  past the test, he ran away, to find his son and share with him. He finally got success,and find his happiness.  It was the second time he had dropped tears.But this time, the tears are because of happiness.

Through this movie I learned if you got a dream you gotta protect it, go get it and never give up. No metter how difficult it is. Never give up,and don’t lose hope, just keep going, and you will get it!

Thank you Ma’am Quick Write

In my middle school,my second language was Japanese.  In our class,all of us learned Japanese.

But my best friend Betty,she was not good at Japanese.I was very good at Japanese,because I like Japanese anime. So I often help her learn Japanese during my free time.We started to watch anime together.When we watched anime, I often tell her some Japanese grammar.

Little by little, her  Japanese was improved, and our friendship grew stronger.

Canadian studies 10

This website tell us about British Columbia’s


British Columbia strives to be an inclusive travel destination to people of all abilities.


Vancouver has a fully accessible public transit system that includes buses, community shuttle buses, Sky Train, Sea Bus and West Coast Express (train).


4.BC’s Cultural Diversity

Today, BC’s population is wonderfully diverse. More than 40 major Aboriginal cultural groups are represented in the region.


British Columbia is Canada’s westernmost province.


While natural resources have always been the backbone of BC’s economy, newer industries such as film and high tech have become important economic drivers over the last decade.


The population of BC is concentrated around the cities of Vancouver and Victoria.

8.Climate & Weather

Climate in British Columbia is influenced by latitude, mountainous topography and the Pacific Ocean.There are four seasons in Canada.

9.Key Travel Info

This part provides an overview on the key travel information for a visit to British Columbia.