Week 12 – Precalc 11

For the twelfth week of Precalc 11, we started a new chapter about rational expressions and equations. In this chapter, we have so far covered how to multiply/divide and add/subtract.

To simplify this expression, we need to factor first.

\frac {(2x+2)}{(x^2+3x+2)}

Now we can begin with factoring.


The next step is to look at the denominator and the numerator and cancel out any of them that are identical. This has to be monomial and monomial, binomial and binomial, variable with variable, etc.

\frac {2}{(x+2)}

Now we can simplify the expression and state the non-permissible values. The non-permissible values are the restrictions and are for the denominator. In this expression, we need to also state the NPVs of the expression before and after we converted it into an all multiplication since it had the division in it.

Therefore x≠-2 or -1.


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