Pursuit of Happiness Reflection

    The movie”The Pursuit of Happiness”is a story about that a father never give up and succeed in the end. I like this movie. This is the second time I have seen the movie, it brings me a lot of different feelings.

    “You got a dream, you gotta protect it.People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. Ifyou want something, go get it., Period”. This sentence was impressed me a lot. I think most people will remember this sentence after having seen this movie. Our dream is precious; there is no denying that we should protectit from anything!

In this movie the protagonist is called ChrisGardner. For him, his life has been divided to six parts.

Firstly, Riding the bus. He was riding the bus every day, and in pursuit.
Secondly, Being stupid . At that time, he was doing something foolish. He lost his bone density scanner.
Thirdly, Running.  He was running for everything, running for his job,for opportunity and running with the time. At this part his wife left him.
Fourthly, Intership. He got a chance for internship. But it was very difficult to past the test and got a job. Even so, he decided to catch the chance. Because he didn’t want to give up any other chances.
Fifthly, Paying taxes. In that time,healmost felt that what he had done was worthless. He was depressed, that the first time he was cried.
Sixthly ,Happiness .He  past the test, he ran away, to find his son and share with him. He finally got success,and find his happiness.  It was the second time he had dropped tears.But this time, the tears are because of happiness.

Through this movie I learned if you got a dream you gotta protect it, go get it and never give up. No metter how difficult it is. Never give up,and don’t lose hope, just keep going, and you will get it!

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