Canadian studies 10

This website tell us about British Columbia’s


British Columbia strives to be an inclusive travel destination to people of all abilities.


Vancouver has a fully accessible public transit system that includes buses, community shuttle buses, Sky Train, Sea Bus and West Coast Express (train).


4.BC’s Cultural Diversity

Today, BC’s population is wonderfully diverse. More than 40 major Aboriginal cultural groups are represented in the region.


British Columbia is Canada’s westernmost province.


While natural resources have always been the backbone of BC’s economy, newer industries such as film and high tech have become important economic drivers over the last decade.


The population of BC is concentrated around the cities of Vancouver and Victoria.

8.Climate & Weather

Climate in British Columbia is influenced by latitude, mountainous topography and the Pacific Ocean.There are four seasons in Canada.

9.Key Travel Info

This part provides an overview on the key travel information for a visit to British Columbia.


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