RNA biology post

today in science we created bracelets made out of fruitloops. i find them gross but my partner was happy to eat all of it in the end. basically we chose a word or your name and used the RNA which is somewhat like DNA and created a bracelet out of it. the difference that i noticed between RNA and DNA is the letter coding. the 4 letters in DNA are A,T,G and C. in RNA there isn’t C. instead they replaced it with U. there is probably a better and more in depth way of explaining the difference but this is all i know and understood. So in class i made my bracelet with the coding letters of my name. G = GGG , R = CGT,
A = GCT, C = TGC and E = GAG. i thought this lab was fun and taught me something. here is a picture of my bracelet bellow. IMG_1243