Chemistry Project

This is my project redone and better then it was when handed in. when I handed this project in I only focused on one part of this project. The questions portion. I did however get marks for mentioning other points that were a part of the project. Now to bring up my Grade for this project I have to write an edublog post about this project. And this is what this is.
1. Q:What are the everyday uses of this element
A: one example of an everyday use of iron are magnets. Another example is steel. Like paper clips or staples
2. Q:Where is it found on the periodic table
A: metals and group 8
3. Q:What is it’s symbol and atomic number
A: Fe and 26
4. Q:What does the element look like
A: silvery color and stone shaped
5. Q: What are some of the other elements our element mixes with?
A: mixes with almost anything on the periodic table
6. Q:What is the history of the element
A: Iron objects have been in Egypt back in 3500BC. 7.5% made up of Nickle. Iron gave the people in Turkey a better economy. The first person to explain the various types of iron was René Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur who wrote a book on the subject in 1722. People have been using iron for over 5000 years.

7. Q:Is it a harm to the world
A: Iron is a toxic heavy metal. In excess, it can cause cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses.

8. Q:Who discovered this element
A: I never found out who discovered the element iron but it was discovered in approximately 3500BC.

9. Q: How does this element affect you?
A: This element affects me and all humans because iron is the thing that helps carry oxygen to your blood.

10. Q:Any interesting facts about element
A: – iron melts at 1538’C
– Iron’s Elemental name Fe was named after the Latin word “ferrum” which means Iron.
– Irons boiling point is 2861’C
– Iron is one of the cheapest and the most abundant of all metal.
– Iron help carry oxygen to your blood.
– Much of the earth core is made of Iron (or is said to be)
– In plants, it plays a role in the production of chlorophyll. In animals, it is a component of hemoglobin — a protein in blood that carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissues in the body.
– About 90% of all metals are refined as iron.
– Women need more iron then men in their system.
Chemical Symbols and Formulae:
Element= Iron
Element symbol= Fe
Number on periodic table = 26
Classifies as = a metal in group 8
Sources of info:
Checking for if the websites are reliable:
After looking into this website more I found that it a very reliable and helpful. It was quiet organized with some interesting points about your certain element in the front and then had a side bar to help you search about other things with your element. It wasn’t biased in anyway. It just showed you the information you were looking for.
This website was helpful with the history portion of whichever element you are researching. On the side of the web page it shows a list of all the elements from A-Z. There is a mini version of the periodic table in one of the corners that highlights the spot where your element is. It shows clearly the history the person who made the website learned. Also mentions where they received their info. The cool thing I liked is that it shows how to say each element in different languages.
This page was interesting. It was different than the other websites I had been on. This website was always being updates when knew information about the element was found. It also showed us the history and mostly everything to know about your element. The facts shown on the page seemed reliable and true on what I had already known and learned.

All this website talked about was the bad things that iron could do to you. The thing I did like about this site is that it asked a bunch of different questions that someone would ask about my element. They also answered the questions with perfect wording and nice structures sentences to help me or the other people reading this web page understand.

Importance of element:
At the beginning I chose the element because it was the only thing my partner and I could agree on. Then after some research of this element I realised it is kinda interesting. The interesting facts I learned from my research and the stuff we learned in class was pretty amazing. The thing that stuck with me the most was how the symbol Fe became the symbol for iron. Cause iron doesn’t seem to fit Fe. There isn’t F or E in iron. But it comes from irons Latin translation. Ferrum. Fe.

Science app review

The app I chose ” K12 Periodic table of the elements.” I checked the app out and it was pretty cool. when you clicked on one of the elements on the table, it would show you the history and other info about the app. this app helped me learn by teaching me more about the elements on the periodic table. It took a little while to load on my device but it worked very quickly afterwards. The app was very helpful and I learned a lot. I give it 4 and a half stars. (like a movie rating)