About Grace McLeod

My name is Grace and i am a Grade 10 student. soccer is my sport. writing is my passion. listening to music is my life.

The person I used to be….



I used to be a person not sure of my identity.
Being singled out was the direction my life was in.
Like sheep I began to follow the crowd, But I was never proud.

My light was beginning to fade and darkness was beginning to circle my heart,
But two angels came down and led me down a different path.
I felt warm and cared for in these Angels arms, As if I couldn’t be hurt anymore.
I felt as if I were a flower in spring, Blooming high and beautiful.
My world looked like Olympus.

Only if it weren’t just an illusion.
Slowly I began to realize I had gone deeper into the darkness,
Those Angels weren’t who they appeared as.
Long nails, ugly faces and sharp teeth showed through the magic dust that masked my vision of their true identity.
I looked at Myself in a mirror and saw the same horrid figure.
I was a nightmare dressed like a daydream.

Running was the only thing I could find myself to do,
Away from the monster I had become and towards the light once again.
A wall stood in my way,
I could hear the birds and the soft laughter out beyond this wall.
Nothing could get me back there,
I had lost that privilege when I lost myself,
Closing my eyes I took a breath.

I am not a monster, I am not royalty and I am not the darkness.
I am a girl who hasn’t found her true identity yet but I won’t ride someone else’s because that’s not who I am.
I am the person I want to be and the person I was meant to be.

~ the person i used to be is a poem written by Grace McLeod. Grace used her heart and memory of her past events in her writing. the main theme of this poem is identity. She used to be be bullied and that is shown in the first stanza. McLeod directly shows the problem and then uses sheep as a metaphor as being a follower. The next stanza brings up the angels. The angels are a metaphor for a saving grace. i am thinking two people she befriended who were similar to the people who bullied her. the angels were also an allusion from the bible. the light and darkness is another allusion to the bible. one more allusion is mentioned later on where McLeod refers to Olympus which is a biblical allusion. Grace then shows a shift in things. the “two angels” she befriended have changed to something horrible. the poet says she finds herself looking in the mirror and finding the same awful features in her own self. Grace says running is the only thing she can do but she was stopped in front of a wall. the wall was another metaphor for herself. she had subconsciously put that wall there when she chose the miss guided path that had been splayed out for her. she new she had ruined going back to the person she was. Grace had to create her new self. A grown up version of the old self but a stronger one. someone she was meant to be. the inquiry question that i felt fit this poem the best was number 17: how do we distinguish right from wrong? this question i thought was answered through this poem and at the same time it wasn’t. this will sound confusing at the beginning. it depends in what the situation is. if it has to do with something that isn’t a weakness of someones or a personal problem then it is easier to decide whether or not it’s wrong or right. if it is personal then it might not seem clear if it’s wrong or right until the last minute. until it can be to late and the damage has already been created. ~

interconnectedness whirligig theme

interconnectedness or what is also referred to as the domino effect comes into play a lot in whirligig. this word means that whatever you do or say can connect people without physically being connected.

Brent is connected to the man from Miami and Alexandra and Steph just in different ways. They may not have ever met the each other but they are connected through the whirligig’s that Brent has put up at each corner of the united states. Brent was sent by Mrs. Zamora, Lea’s mother to make these whirligigs. Lea was a girl who ended up getting killed in a car crash. Brent was the one to hit her after getting bullied by some boys at a party and getting rejected by the girl he likes. Brent drove off angrily and drunk. he blanked out and hit Lea.
“We never know all the consequences of our acts. They reach into places we can’t see. And into the future, where no one can.” (P.38)
Now Lea’s mother wanted Brent to honor her by making whirligigs just like the ones Lea made as a child.

Brent made a few more connection with other people. he mad a physical connection with Emil, the german boy. He wanted to see the world like this man. wanted to be that man. Brent also connected with the cyclist. Brent also made a connection with a man or women who he has never or nor will meet. Brent bought a whirligig book and inside were sticky notes filled with helpful tools. the person who wrote these became connected to Brent.

“How does the influence of others impact our own lives?” This inquiry quote fits this topic perfectly. For Brent’s case it was the sticky notes in the book, Emil and the cyclist. For Alexandra and Steph they became connected to brent and Lea through the Whirligig. The Miami man was connected to Brent and Lea through his whirligig. they all became connected in a different way. they may not know each other but they are connected through this one project. these whirlgigs brought everyone together.

Eleria’s traveling news

Trip to earth


this is a snap that was taken my first day here on the planet earth. i mayly may was sent undercover to find out everything there is to know about the species on this blue and green planet. Earth if you don’t know is a planet in the milky way. earth has many different features that our home planet Eleria doesn’t have. They have many tree’s and a liquid called water. both the trees and water are how the creatures on this planet survive. that and fandoms. i was told that you would die on that planet if your fandom broke up. Fandom i soon learned meant something you were a fan towards. so we all are in fandoms since we have fans. another thing these creatures that are called humans cant survive without is these weird remotes. they are similar to our touch talks but run on something called Wifi. very weird technology this planet has. the humans were very different to one another. They looked different from one another. The boys all didn’t have the same body shape, face, hair or eyes. neither did the girls. they also had something called aging. Meaning you started out small and then grew until you reached a certain height. most of them were taller then 5ft. i know crazy right? some of these humans had these long cords attached to their ears. i tried asking what they were but it was like no one could hear me. they were probably suffering from toxicgloop. like i said, different planet. humans have surprised me on how much they have evolved. all the history books we have been reading explaining earth were way off. coming here i was scared at first. i didn’t want to be sent into the hunger games or thrown into a maze. i also made sure i stayed away from anyone with changing eye color’s and a girl named bella. this planet is amazing and i am glad i got the chance to visit it. well before we take over of course.

~Mayly May



The bright light from the screen, a fun time you have,
The laughter you make that no one understands,
From a hilarious vine to a spoiler for the next episode of your favorite show,
Headphones in with blaring music of dubstep,
Hours spent but time doesn’t feel lost,

Your family says you are obsessed but you don’t understand,
You get defensive and blame it on the world you live in,
But you never stop,
More games are downloaded and new social media apps are placed in folders with the others,
You feel excited when you have reached five hundred followers,

Why have we come to this?
Why have we allowed ourselves to be sucked into this world, to this dark whole of loneliness?
This awful craving that needs to stop!
Put down the device for just a second and take a look around,
Go outside and take a breath of fresh air that comes from the trees in the ground,
Understand that communication is the key,
And if we let go of this vice,
We can become free.

Disconnect yourself from this addicting technology
Become connected to the real world,
Connected to something breathing and alive,
Don’t be like the others,
Become yourself and connect.

Mushrooms poem and it’s relations

Mushrooms Sylvia Plath
Overnight, very
Whitely, discreetly,
Very quietly

Our toes, our noses
Take hold on the loam,
Acquire the air.

Nobody sees us,
Stops us, betrays us;
The small grains make room.

Soft fists insist on
Heaving the needles,
The leafy bedding,

Even the paving.
Our hammers, our rams,
Earless and eyeless,

Perfectly voiceless,
Widen the crannies,
Shoulder through holes. We

Diet on water,
On crumbs of shadow,
Bland-mannered, asking

Little or nothing.
So many of us!
So many of us!

We are shelves, we are
Tables, we are meek,
We are edible,

Nudgers and shovers
In spite of ourselves.
Our kind multiplies:

We shall by morning
Inherit the earth.
Our foot’s in the door.

(my response)

The mushroom poem by Sylvia Pleth did have words and meanings that related to the short story “the Friday everything changed.” This poem was about mushrooms. Well that was the literal meaning but if you look deeper into this poem it show’s a different side to it. This poem to me was about inequality. Something very similar to the Friday everything changed. The girls were bullied and singled out in the story. In the poem it mentions how invisible these “mushrooms” were. Both story and poem are saying the same thing only in different context.

sammy the sperm

we open this story with the leaving home ceremony. This happened almost every week. Sammy was one of those sperms that was leaving. he was leaving his small down called testis. this was very exciting for him. leaving meant he was to find his true love on his journey. Sammy couldn’t wait. After the ceremony sammy said his goodbyes to his family and then took off in his car.taking the vas deference highway, sammy passed lake bladder. amazing childhood memories fill his brain. after it went out of view Sammy was slightly sad that he would never see the lake again. He stopped at the semical vesicle diner for a quick meal. Sammy got off the Vas deference highway and hoped onto the urethra express. sammy picked up speed and soon hit the border. it was a very quick transition. many other sperms like Sammy followed. sammy drove all the way to vaginaland. it was an amazing sight. Sammy however didn’t stop there. he kept going. he drove by a place called uterusville. it looked like an amazing place to have a home. But that’s not where Sammy met her. a little ways up he met the one. the egg of his dreams. she was beautiful. ms.ovum. both of them fell in love and joined as one. they soon found a home together in uterusville and lived happily ever after.

Mutation story

part 1 – story
i am a genetic mutation. i make people see clearly underwater. yes i am a rare gene and am only found in Moken people in Africa. right now i am living inside a girl names Ally. she was just born about a couple minutes ago and doesn’t have a single idea of what i will show her. i am not a harm to her body what so ever. i am actually aiding her. wouldn’t be amazing to be able to see clearly underwater? As ally grew older she figured out how much she would be using this gene. her family were known as sea gypsies. they lived close to the water and everything was done in water. Ally used me to find fish underwater and other creature. it was a lot easier. plus ally became an amazing swimmer. Ally was so happy and that made me happy as well. very down the road when everything became grey, i had moved on from ally and to someone just like ally. her daughter maia. i wonder how her life is going to go…

part 2 – making of story
since this was a rare gene only found in some people in Africa my search didn’t stretch very far. i just typed in mutation that people can see clearly underwater. i found my information from that.
i used google to find my answers and asked one of my friends who was doing the same project as me. i also typed my notes in word.
the process was simple. I found my mutation. then i researched it and wrote out notes. after taking the notes i thought i needed, i created the story. and now it’s on edublog.
i went on to many sites to check if they were accurate. when it was repeated on other sides i was sure that had to be correct then.
i think i should have read what i was doing at first. my first post of this didnt meet any of the criteria and i should have checked before posting. i think I’m going to try that next time. i also think i should check if it’s posted or not when i actually post it. thats been happening a lot.

child labor project

over the past week in my B block socials class we were assigned our first edublog project. this is on child labor so i am warning you when you watch this presentation. it is about a deep and sad problem going on in our world. if you do watch this i hope you enjoy it.
Child labor in Chad Africa