The bright light from the screen, a fun time you have,
The laughter you make that no one understands,
From a hilarious vine to a spoiler for the next episode of your favorite show,
Headphones in with blaring music of dubstep,
Hours spent but time doesn’t feel lost,

Your family says you are obsessed but you don’t understand,
You get defensive and blame it on the world you live in,
But you never stop,
More games are downloaded and new social media apps are placed in folders with the others,
You feel excited when you have reached five hundred followers,

Why have we come to this?
Why have we allowed ourselves to be sucked into this world, to this dark whole of loneliness?
This awful craving that needs to stop!
Put down the device for just a second and take a look around,
Go outside and take a breath of fresh air that comes from the trees in the ground,
Understand that communication is the key,
And if we let go of this vice,
We can become free.

Disconnect yourself from this addicting technology
Become connected to the real world,
Connected to something breathing and alive,
Don’t be like the others,
Become yourself and connect.