Expanding Universe

Here are questions that needed to be answered after my science classes first Astronomy class.

Question and answers:
1. Q: explain what the balloon and dots represent?
A: the balloon represents the universe, the M dot represents the milky way and the other dots are galaxies.
2: Q: Which letter(s) moved farthest from M? Which moved the least?
A: D moved the farthest and C and B stayed the same length throughout the lab. C and B moved the least.
3: Q: summarize the trend: movement of galaxies related to distance from M?
A: The big the balloon got the farther the dots went.
4: Q: How does this experiment model what is occurring in our expanding universe?
A: the galaxies are growing farther apart so when the balloon kept expanding it showed what the galaxies were also doing.
5: Q: in what way does a balloon NOT represent the universe?
A: yes its expanding but i dont think the galaxies are growing larger.

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