Expanding Universe

Here are questions that needed to be answered after my science classes first Astronomy class.

Question and answers:
1. Q: explain what the balloon and dots represent?
A: the balloon represents the universe, the M dot represents the milky way and the other dots are galaxies.
2: Q: Which letter(s) moved farthest from M? Which moved the least?
A: D moved the farthest and C and B stayed the same length throughout the lab. C and B moved the least.
3: Q: summarize the trend: movement of galaxies related to distance from M?
A: The big the balloon got the farther the dots went.
4: Q: How does this experiment model what is occurring in our expanding universe?
A: the galaxies are growing farther apart so when the balloon kept expanding it showed what the galaxies were also doing.
5: Q: in what way does a balloon NOT represent the universe?
A: yes its expanding but i dont think the galaxies are growing larger.

Spoken word 2015

Today for block C and block D i got to watch the spoken word presentation for 2015. To be totally honest i was not really looking forward to these presentations but during C block when i went down to watch, i enjoyed it. some of the presenters were proving a point or opening our eyes to something. some were funny and other not so much. i loved how some of these spoken words were detailed and creative with their wording. i liked the way they could raise their voice at the right time. it made me think about these subjects that they were referring to. it made me think. My favorite ones were the ones that involved humor. but i thought the other ones were very well done.