what i learned

I’ve learned a lot this week in math 9 Algebra. From powers, exponent, to powers of products, quotients and zeros. But what I learned the most that was fun and cool was latex Coding. It showed us how to make math equations look better on our edublogs. Otherwise, without this information, all our word problems and equations would mostly likely be messed up and everywhere. I learned how to make a division, fraction and power sign, changing colour of text and highlighting.

there are different ways to make an addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations by using formulas. here’s an example: we would type $ latex 6 + 9 – 24 \ cdot 4 \ div 2 $ (some are spaced together and some aren’t) Than it would turn out like this: 6+9-24\cdot4\div2

I think writing formulas for operations in our edublogs for math is going to be very helpful for the teacher so that he/she can read our typing clear and save time.


words problems with fractions


Today, Johns lemon stand sold 9 1/2 lemons. Down the street, Stevens lemon stand sold 2 5/6 more lemons than John did. How many lemons did Steven sell?


Since its saying Steven sold 2 5/6 more lemons than john did, you have to add Stevens fraction to john’s fraction to find out the how much lemon Steven sold all together.  

9 1/2 + 2 5/6 (change to in improper fraction)

= 19/2 + 17/6  

(19×6=144)/(2×6=12) + (17×2= 34)/(6×2=12)

= 144/12 + 34/12 = 178/12 (Find the Greatest Common Factor)

GCF of 178 and 12 = 2

Now you divide 178 and 12 by 2.

178/12 = 89/6 (now you change the fraction to a mixed fraction)

89/6 = 14 5/6

Steven sold 14 5/6 lemons.