Food Waste Plan

In my life, there’s waste everywhere such as home, school, and there places. At home there is usually a lot of waste and we put food in a food waste if its is either old food, left overs or too much food. When don’t finish or it gets too old, we have a food waste bucket. We keep it near a recycling bin and a garbage can and throw out waste. At school there is waste from food packaging or any left over food, and we have our separate recycling and food waste trash that we use. when I am also with my friends I see a lot of food waste and I usually just throw any left over food in the food waste trash.

I think there could be room for improvement to create less food waste. One important area that needs improvement is food storage. . Many people are unsure how to store fruits and vegetables. Fruits/Vegetables including ethylene gas (bananas, avocados, tomatoes, cantaloupes, peaches, pears) should be stored away from ethylene sensitive foods (potatoes, leafy greens, berries, peppers). This can leads to food spoilage.

To improve these areas of food waste, my family and I will try to eat food on time before it gets expired, take as much food on our plants that we can finish, we will store food and covered to control the moisture levels and we should buy less food at one time. When Im at school or with friends, I can save the food waste and throw out to the food waste trash. If its a packed lunch from home I can put it in a paper bag and put back any food waste to throw at when I get home. Another important area is how to properly discard food. Many foods can be composted, but end up in the trash, then left to rot in land fills.

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