My Environmental Interactions

In this assignment, I’m going to be writing about all the daily things I do in a day and seeing how it effects the environment.

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Some days when the weather is bad, my parents drive me to school or pick me up. We are mostly outdoors, going shopping or family friends house, always using the car. We mostly drive up to 30min. This effects our atmosphere. Using cars daily is not good for the environment because cars create pollution by letting out carbon dioxide, and cars need gas which means building pipelines is necessary. So there is a big chance of gasoline leakage. A good way to reduce air pollution is to walk/bike to school and take the bus or subway when going somewhere far.

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At home, the lights are on almost everywhere. The nights are longer and the days are shorter so there’s never enough sun in my house. One light in my house that is always on is the living room/kitchen light. No matter if someone is in the room or using the light, its always on. Even when my family goes out and no one is home. This effects our hydrosphere because that’s where we get most of our power. The chemicals in light bulbs is bad for the environment because it wastes energy and once you use it, you cant use it again. A good way to save your money and the environment is to turn off the lights around your house that you don’t use or use LED lights.

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I use water daily, for brushing my teeth, showers, washing dishes… etc. Sometimes the tap is running when I don’t use it. This effects our hydrosphere. A good way to save the environment is to turn off the tap when its not in use, take shorter showers, wash clothes all together than in separate chunks.

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