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My class and I have been collaborating with Mr. Fogarty, Eladio and Dennis from New Brunswick and the Dominican Republic to help with light poverty. We’ve have done 2 skype chats with Eladio and Dennis, and one with Mr. Fogarty to talk about all the creations and idea plans we have made to help light poverty. One groups in the class have been fundraising while 2 other groups have been creating shakeable magnetic flashlights and LED flash lights.

So far, what my group and I did for Engineering Brightness is mostly spread the awareness for light poverty. The goal for my group and I (Andrew and Taylor) was to let everyone know about our Engineering Brightness project. We were thinking of collaborating with Rapid Change to raise some money by putting together a bake sake or something like that, but never got to  doing it.

I did talk to rapid change during one of their meetings and to try and see if they could help donate some money for light poverty. They responded and said that they were struggling themselves to make money for their own campaign which we totally understood, but if we teamed up and did a bake sale, we could have split the profit. I thought that since fundraising would take a while, it was a little too late for that so we decided not fundraise. But other than that, my group and I did spread the word around different schools and cities. Its better than not accomplishing anything at all.

Working on this Engineering Brightness project has help me learn a lot and to gain many valuable skills. I got to learn how some places all over the world don’t have enough light sources as we do here in Canada. Learning about it and helping fundraise has helped me to get better at talking to other school groups, thinking of big ideas to help those in need and collaborating with other students programs in school. Although my group and I had set a learning goal that we were not fully able to reach, I think me and my group made a great job on raising awareness and working together. Almost reaching our learning goal. What I’ve learned from this to set smaller goals in the future that I know I can achieve.


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  1. I really appreciate this post, Ghazal. I did not know the details of your connection with our Rapid Change leadership group. It is great that you connected and tried to make something happen with them. The learning that you did around setting more achievable goals is crucial and will help you in your future!

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