First Peoples Principle of Learning

I’ve learned a lot about First Peoples Principles while doing our SSEP and Engineering Brightness projects. I got to reach some goals I never knew I could reach. It helped me to connect with people from my school to those in all different provinces. First peoples principles connects with the work that we are doing now is class.

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Generational roles and responsibilities:                                                                                                                                                    Learning somethings has many roles and responsibilities. Knowing what you learned, what your suppose to do and taking action. Not leaving everything behind for your group to do because you’re too lazy. Doing your work and putting in lots of effort will make you feel great for what you did and will help your group a lot. I think that responsibility is a big detail in FP principles of learning.

Connectedness:                                                                                                                                                                                                           The biggest thing we did for SSEP and Engineering Brightness was connecting with people. Like connecting with the those in our group and creating many ideas and plans, connecting with other school groups and emailing someone important around the world to help get the answers you need. I believe that in big projects like the 2 that we did is best for collaborating with other classmates. We get more ideas, bigger plans, and get to hear more from everyone.

Time and patients:                                                                                                                                                                                                     Timing and patients is everything in projects like these. Thinking of a plan on what to do and finally making it happens takes lots of time also connecting with other people and finally presenting is lots of work. Writing a daft of what your assignment is on and waiting for an email back from a special person. Its all about timing. Especially if you want the project to turn out great.

When working on SSEP and EB, everybody had a big role and responsibility to do for their group. Putting in all our effort and time. Both of my groups had lots of fun and also learned a lot. I did some responsibilities I didn’t know I could do like helping to think and create an experiment that could be sent to space, or connecting with many people around the school and city to raise money for light poverty. I think that timing and effort is the key in first peoples principles of learning which is what the class and I did.


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