The Life of a Genetic Mutation

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part 1

Hi, I am trisomy 21, also known as down syndrome.

I result from trisomy 21, which means each cell in my body has three copies of chromosome 21 instead of the usual two copies. Let me break it down. Every human cell has 46 copies. Half of from your mom (23 chromosomes) and half from your dad (23 chromosomes). But what if one parent gives you an extra chromosome? Well, that’s where I step in, instead of having the regular 46 chromosome, I have 47.  My genes in chromosome 21 interferes with the course of normal development.

My effects start at birth, but sometimes I can start at adulthood. Here are some of my effects: hearing problems, congenital heart disease, eye problems, seizure disorders, bone, muscle, nerve, or joint problems, cancers, developmental delay, etc..

My host, Amanda, has down syndrome. I deal with her physical growth delay, facial appearance and other disabilities. But her abilities, strength and weaknesses are the same as everyone else. Although I am not curable, you’re going to have a long, happy life with me. I am easy to rear with and I make everyone with down syndrome unique.

part 2


  1. Effects of down syndrome/ what are the symptoms and side effects of down syndrome?
  2. Can down syndrome be cured?
  3. How does down syndrome effect the body?
  4. What are the advantages of down syndrome?
  5. What causes down syndrome?



I researched about down syndrome and I asked the people around me what they knew about it. I combined all my information to make this blog post.


I looked at different websites and compared my answers for the right information and I didn’t just depend on one website.


In the beginning, this assignment seemed very challenging and difficult for me to do. I thought I could never get through it. I think the process of completing this challenge was very straight forward and I was able to learn a lot from researching. But maybe I should have added more information and pictures than I should have to give a better understanding on down syndrome.




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