CBL Engineering Brightness Proposal

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My class and I skyped and talked to the staff members Eladio, Dennis and their students from the Dominican Republic. We also talked to Ian Fogarty and his class from New Brunswick, giving us information and ideas to move ahead with our class plans.  I think it was a very fun experience and a great way to learn more about the Dominican Republic. We got some great ideas from Mr. Fogarty. We were discussing about how we could make flash lights for those going through light poverty.
The ideas for connections me and my group have made was trying to raise money by fundraising to building flash lights. All the money would go to our teacher, Mr. Robinson and he would know what to do from there.
What I learned so far:
My class and I talked to Eladio, Dennis from the Dominican Republic and Mr. Fogarty and his class from New Brunswick.
I was very interested in knowing how the students from the Dominican Republic live without electricity half the time. Than it got my group and I thinking on how to help with that.
I felt that this experiment would be very challenging to do but at the end, it would be very helpful for those going through light poverty. Although I feel that my group and I might not go far with the fundraising, we will do the best we can.
The idea me and my group came up with was to make a fundraiser and raise money to make flashlights.
We have not done a lot so far, but we are thinking of connecting with city hall or Rapids change right here in Riverside to help spread the words about engineering brightness and maybe start fundraising. We hope that the rapid change is a big help with that.

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    1. I also like ten idea of putting the donation link in your post. I like the idea of connecting with city hall to fundraising.

  1. Good Job, Ghazal I really liked your ideas I hope you can achieve you goal(s) and help make a difference in the Dominican Republic!

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