current from the kitchen


a) The yam will create the most electric voltage.

b) Because its a large seize and doesn’t have a lot of liquid/juice.


The three fruits we used were an orange, green apple and yam.

Type of fruit or vegetable Voltage (3v)
Yam It went two segments forward from the zero
Apple It went two segments forward from the zero
Orange It went two segment forward from the zero

screenshot_20161118-163321   screenshot_20161118-163421   screenshot_20161118-163424


My group and I observed that the higher voltages caused the pointer to go backwards. We did not have a lightbulb to hook up to the circuit, so we hooked it up to the volt meter. We didn’t cut open the fruits, so we just pushed the nail into the fruit and hooked up the wires.


If your bulb doesn’t glow, why not?

  1. The light bulb might not work
  2. The wires in the circuit needs to be sorted differently
  3. Not enough volts
What is causing electrons to flow in this experiment?
The voltage gives energy for the electrons to move in the circuit.
The fruits or vegetables we used gave the same voltage. My prediction was half correct because it did give the most voltage. It was all the same. If the class is doing this experiment again, I would bring a carrot in our experiment to see what voltage that would give.

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