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My digital footprint is a big impact on my future opportunities because its will be the reason behind me getting a job or not. Not having a good digital footprint wont get me anywhere good, and I wont be able to have a good job or a good future. but having a good digital footprint will get me to a lot of places like a good job and good future. Always think about what you want to say before posting something and think if it will effect your school, work or future in anyway. My digital footprint is a big job in my life.



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Three strategies someone or I can use to have an appropriate digital footprint is always having a good blog or website accounts. when going to a job interview, showing what you are working on online and showing what you love to do is a big help with getting that job. Always think about what you’re going to post and how it will effect you’re digital footprint, and you don’t always need to post personal things about your life on the internet if you don’t want people knowing.

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The information I learned about my digital foot print is that it can be controlled and you get to decide what to put on the web and what not to. Don’t post something your friends tell you to post and you know that it is bad or harmful. All social media is fun but they all have a limit. Be wise before you type.

I can share my information about digital footprints by posting this on my blog or writing about it on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. getting other student or adults that don’t know about digital footprints and sharing with them.

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