Post-Secondary Event Reflection

3 institutions that interested me the most are, KPU because it is famous for design. I can enter there by taking an English C+. My second interested institution is VCC because i want to be a make-up artist, and there is make-up department. My third interested institution is Eamily carr because my favourite is art, and the institution is famous for art. 

If I was applying to university today I would want to go to VCC, and I would take a make-up artistry department because one of my dream is a make-up artist, and I am difficult to find make-up department to other universities. 

The benefit to seeing so many post-secondary options before i finish high school is that i can know about many universities, and I can have a wider range of choices. 

My favourite part about seeing these universities is that i can know many universities i didn’t know. I can get to know the universities’ information quickly. 


Chloe’s Goals

In this year, I will get a B in my math. I plan to practice a lot when I take a test, and I will write down my homework in a notebook so I will not forget about it. When I do not understand, I will ask my friends or the teacher. If I have a wrong problem, I will solve it myself and ask the teacher.


I will read 5 books in this year. I will find a interesting book and I will start read book. I will read more than one book a month. If I don’t read, my mother will nag and comment on me. I’ll always think of reading 5 books in my head because I’m lazy, so maybe I won’t read 5 books.



Community connection

task 1.


Task 2.





  1. to teach skating
  2. Meet many people and make some friends
  3. You have to know how to play skating
  4. Nothing
  5. Apply to volunteeer


1. To take care of children

2. We can take care of children so we know about how to take care of children

3. Because i love children.