Life is about experiences

Saskatchewan. Such a fun name, such a boring place. Ahead of me, and behind me, and in all directions stretches emptiness, flatter than a ruler – rulers at least have the ink from the numbers sitting on top. Looking to my left to ease the monotony, I see my Dad. Ever the same, sitting there with one hand on the wheel and the other resting on the space where the window would have been (it’s open). He’s a little wide around the gut, but that happens. Looking to my left, I see my Mom. She’s stressed about… everything. My mother is a person who does not like long drives. I guess about ten minutes until she asks for either a stop and some fresh air, or a place to vomit. Come to think of it, I could use a stop and some fresh air. Better look out the front window for awhile. And how about some music? The dull roar of the diesel engine grows monotonous rather quickly. In my mouth remains the nasty aftertaste of the cheap fast food we had for lunch. I’ve felt better. The combination of the long drive, the aforementioned greasy fare, and the heat in the cabin of the U-haul are making me feel quite ill. Feel is such an odd word. It can mean physical sensations, or it can mean emotions. What emotions am I experiencing now? Sadness. I miss British Columbia, my home for my entire life until this point. I really wish we had stayed, but asking why for the umpteenth time is not going to do any good. I already know the answer. So I’m sad. But I’m also a little excited – moving to a new city, a new province – a world without mountains, where there are more leafy trees than evergreens. Who would have thought of such a place? Well, God apparently did because it exists. Now we’re coming up on the next town. Already? Time flies when you’re deep in thought.

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