Holocaust Reflection

How did the Holocaust happen?

laws were gradually implemented which both demonized groups which Hitler did not like and allowed the persecution of those groups to be legal.

How did group, location, and World War II events impact an individual’s experience?

Group – Jews, Socialists, Communists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roma, homosexuals and the mentally ill were persecuted while those who did not fall into the above categories were left alone.
Location – Crimes were committed against those in Nazi-controlled countries, while those in countries under the control of the Allies were left alone. In addition, the specific concentration camp where one was incarcerated impacted the way a person was treated. Auschwitz was one of the worst.
World War II events – after D-Day, persecution decreased dramatically, most likely because the Germans were busy fighting.

Political Ideologies Reflection

What I learned about democratic socialism:

That a lot of emphasis is placed on social welfare programs, and people have a lot of individual freedom, but not as much as liberalism grants

Ideas my group came up with as to socialist ideas:

They would permit protesting, but not endorse it

What I found interesting about the activity:

Our clss is full of Facists.

What I found challenging about the activity:

giving the political opinions of Socialists while remaining politically neutral.

Racism then and now in America

Racism was very prevalent in America in the past. However, the state of racism in the present may alarm you.
In the past, black people had little freedom, even being restricted in which seats they could sit in on the bus. While that is not so now, black people are far more likely than others to be pulled over by the police. In the past, the Ku Klux Klan lynched (hung) black people. Currently, they are an underground organization, but they still exist! Finally, in the past black people were required to use different facilities (especially bathrooms) than those used by white people. This is one thing that has greatly improved.