Mandela Project


Required questions about the project:

I was able to be an active listener and support and encourage others. For example, I did my best to draw out sometimes apathetic group members.

I was able to hear different points of view and disagree respectfully. For example, when we were deciding on a colour scheme I did not like some of the suggested colours and was able to politely dissuade the group from using them.

On my ability to give, recieve, and act on feedback: I made some suggestions to my group members on their projects, and I carefully considered all feedback I recieved. I put at least half of it into practise.

I think that I was very successful in working woth others to achieve a common goal. We created a beautiful strand of mandelas (which is not showcased well in the above photos because of bad lighting).

The roles and responsibilities I took on within the group were creating two mandelas; helping to decide on the order the final product was in on our strand; trying to keep the group on schedule.