Workplace Safety

3 things I will do to stay safe at work.

1. I will ask for help if I’m afraid to do something on my own, or unsure about

2. Think before I act

3. Wear the appropriate clothes

2 things I will do to keep other people safe at work.

1. Help others when they need it

2. Let them know, if they’re doing something wrong to correct it

Which story resonates most with you?

Matthew’s story, because most of us teenagers looking for a job will start in the restaurant, and food industry, and there is more common accidents to happen in the restaurant and food industry due to workers not knowing what they’re doing, yet won’t ask for help, because they’re too scared to sound stupid, or too scared to even ask, and do it themselves.


Most teenagers will get a job in fast food, or restaurant, and not knowing what to do, and being to scared of what’ll happen if they ask or being too sacred to ask can make them think they can do the job, but to later be hurt in the end.

What can you learn from their workplace accident?

I can learn to ask for help when needed, to try and not be afraid to ask questions, or to get help to do something for the first time. And if I have a gut feeling something will go wrong, to stick with my feeling because if I don’t something could happen to me, and I could get hurt.

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