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Community Connection

Who I interviewed: (Robert Crowe, Project Engineer @ Seaspan Vancouver Shipyard)

For this assignment, I chose to interview my father whose current occupation is being a ‘Project Engineer’ at Seaspan.



Roles and Responsibilities of the Interviewee:

In short, the position of Project Engineer means that you are in charge of a design team who is in charge of providing the designs for a ship. This job requires a substantial amount of cooperation and leadership.

Seaspan Shipyard’s crane, “Big Blue”.

Why I interviewed this individual:

I am interested in working in some variety of a design team that designs large-scale projects such as shipbuilding, and architectural design which is similar to the occupation that my father is in.

Seaspan Shipyard’s off-site office building.

I asked him these six questions, and these are his responses:

Why are you passionate about your job?

Response: “My job is designing ships for the Navy. I’m passionate about that because I’ve always wanted to be in the Navy and I’ve served the Navy for 28 years and I get to give back with my knowledge and design ships for the Navy”. 

What obstacles have you faced to get where you are today?

Response:  “I don’t consider them obstacles or if anything challenges. Challenges were moving with my family and knowing that my family had to move to a new place and start all over again with school, friends, and jobs”. 

What advice would you pass on to someone who is interested in what you are doing?

Response: “Spend a lot of time establishing your network, don’t burn any bridges because you don’t realize until you get to where I am now that it’s a small world”. 

Would you open to further contact from Riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you?

Response: “Yes, absolutely. They can contact me at work”. 

What basic skills or “life skills” are important for your job?

Response: “Grammar, expanded vocabulary, math”. 

What inspired you to become a Project Engineer?

Response: “As a ship operator and being at sea, I was always intrigued by how the ship worked, and how it was built and designed, and that guided me to where I am now”. 


What I learned from this interview enlightened me on what to expect, the hardships that may come my way, as well as basic advice to help me in the workplace. For example, his response about advice was, “Spend a lot of time establishing your network, don’t burn any bridges because you don’t realize until you get to where I am now that it’s a small world”. 

A photo of the “John Franklin” a Coast Guard and Fish Research Vessel being built for the Canadian Government launched in the month of December, 2017

This advice taught me that expanding a network such as a digital portfolio will help me establish the job that I desire, as well as to be driven towards opportunity.  The interview itself connects to my interests by teaching me certain aspects and basic skills that will help me thrive in the workplace. An example of this is having the need of cooperation and leadership skills and having knowledge of basic grammar, an expanded vocabulary, and math.


This interviewed helped me gain a better understanding on what I possibly have to go through if I choose to go down this career path. What I gained from this is that you need resilience, knowledge, and connections to get that dream job that you want.

Link to Interviewee’s Workplace: