Social Studies 10 – Reflection #1

For my first reflection, what I want to reflect on is the importance of Social Studies as a class. In the future, the world will be different. Countries will adopt new ways or structures of government, and the only way that would happen is if the people of the country are accepting of it (depends on the style of government). This is where the new generation comes in to play.

Just like the purpose of school, the purpose of social studies is to prepare us for the future in the political and social fields. Democracy is important to many nations including Canada, and the only way to get what we want as a new generation is to be in favor of it. Social Studies teaches us to speak out for what we want, and to make critical decisions that could change our future, whether it be good or bad.  Social Studies encourages us to take sides. Different parties have different policies, and some of those may or may not apply to a person.

One thought on “Social Studies 10 – Reflection #1”

  1. Very well thought out Gene. I agree with all of it and I’m glad you see things this way.

    Any thoughts on what I showed you about political ideologies or overpopulation?

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