Cell Story “The Life of a Cell”: Osteocyte

Part 1: Cell Story

Hello, I am an  osteocyte, and you may not know who I am so let me teach you.  Osteocytes like me are found on all of the bones on your body. Everything like your femur, jawbone, and ribs have tens and thousands of me on them if not millions.

I work with other cells like osteoblasts and osteoclasts to make sure your bone development is on track.  I am one of the three different types of cells that make your bones the way they are.

Now, you may be wondering what I look like. Let’s see this picture taken of me.

File:604 Bone cells.jpg

On the bottom left of the picture, is me. I have long spindly tendrils on the end of me. Unlike the osteoblasts or osteoclasts, I am more slender and smaller than the two.

In order for me to become an osteocyte, I have to develop and mature as an osteoblast. In your bones, there are little pits and holes called ‘lacunas’. If an osteoblast gets trapped inside of this lacuna I will start to form into an osteocyte. While I can form bone to some various degree, my main purpose is to make sure the tissue inside and outside of the bone is in good shape.

The importance of having osteocytes in your body is to make sure that nothing out of the ordinary happens in your bones. Maintaining the tissue in your bone is very important to the health and function of your bones.

Part 2: The Making of the Cell Story

The questions I asked in order to get the information about the osteocytes were:

“What is an osteocyte?”

“Where are osteocytes found?”

“What is the osteocytes purpose?”

“How do osteocytes form?”

“What is the importance of having osteocytes?”

The tools that I used to find this information were:

Gale Engage Learning – Answered the question of what an osteocyte was.

Ebsco Host – Answered the question of where some of the osteocytes can be located.

Google – Answered the question of what the main purpose and function the osteocyte provided and how osteocytes formed as well.

The process I used to investigate this topic was jotting down the information given to me and paraphrasing the information I wrote down as to not plagarise the author of the article.

All of my sources have been cited, and verified as well. Most of my research was spent going through the digital database searching for info. Some had to be done on Google, but it was verified by academic sources.

The process of making this project was very straightfoward and not too hard to follow. With the limited amount of time however, it proved to be quite difficult near the end.

Finding information about osteocytes wasn’t too difficult and the image I used was from the Creative Commons and allowed me to use it in this project.

What I could’ve done better about this project was involve a more broad sense of vocabulary. The vocabulary was meant to be easy to understand, which is good in a sense, but not to my liking.

Another thing I could’ve done to improve this project and later projects to come forth is to spend more time on it. I am unsure whether projects in the school years ahead will have more limited time frames or not, but I must me prepared for it regardless.

Below are my sources cited.

Gale Engage Learning Link:


Google Article Link:


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  1. Excellent information shared through your story. Excellent questions guiding research. Excellent use of digital tools and citing of sources. Your reflection is very honest and reflective. Fantastic work!

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