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What is Your Favorite YouTube Clip: 

One of my favorite videos on Youtube is of an Austrailian guy building a proper hut with a roof and foundation, with only the resources around him in the Austrailian forests. He makes his own kilns, tools, gardens, sandals and much more. All of his monthly videos get on the trending tab and each of his videos has more than 1,000,000 views. He also never talks in his videos, but if you want, you can turn on Closed Captions to get more detail in what he’s doing.

Channel name: PrimitiveTechnology

What is Your Favorite Website


Reddit is my favorite website because it has something for everyone, no matter what you’re interested in. It’s got communities for each person’s specific interests. Whether it be any video game you play or any book you read, I assure you, you will find it there.

The History of Your Birthday: 

My birthday is the 26th of September, not a lot of interesting events happened, but here are a few that I found that caught my eye:

One interesting event I found out happened on my birthday is the discontinuation of the U.S $1 dollar coin, the $3 dollar coin, and the 3 cent piece which took place on September 26th, 1890. Another interesting event that happened on my birthday is the Concorde’s first non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean which only took 3hr33m.

More about the Concorde:

The Concorde was an aircraft developed in France which its purpose was to be able to transport passengers at high speeds. Its top speed was 2,179 km/h. About 20 were developed between the years 1965-1979, and was retired in the year 2003.



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