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In this week we learned how to graph trinomials.

if the graph is Y=X^2
notice how this graph has its axis at (0,0) and how it is going up 1,3,5

if the graph is Y=X^2 +2
The + 2 makes the parabola just go up to spaces so the axis is now (0,2) and still has the same pattern 1,3,5

if the graph is y= (x-2)^2
the -2 means to go to the right 2 so its the opposite of the symbol to which side you go so if it was +2 you would have gone 2 to the left

if the graph is y=2x^2
the 2 in front of the x makes it stretched out upwards because before there is an imaginary 1 in front of the x and now its 2 so it goes from 1,3,5 to 2,6,10 which makes the graph look skinner

Week 6 – Math 11 – Solving Trinomials

In this week we learned how to balance trinomials, to do this we use this formula,

X= \frac{-B \sqrt{(b)^{2}-4(a)(c)}}{2(a)}

so lets say we have this as our equation,
3X^{2} + 8X + 24=0

first we must identify A, B and C,
3 is A
8 is B
24 is C

So using these values we must replace them in the spots of the formula with the matching letters,
X= \frac{-8 \sqrt{(8)^{2}-4(3)(24)}}{2(3)}

Now we will evaluate the equation,
X= \frac{-8 \sqrt{64-288}}{6}
X= \frac{-8 \sqrt{-224}}{6}

after you get to this point we must find a common factor to divide everything with,
X= \frac{-8 \sqrt{-224}}{6} / \frac{2}{2}

Giving us,
X= \frac{-4 \sqrt{-56}}{3}

simplified again,
X= \frac{-4 -2\sqrt{14}}{3}

and that’s the final answer!

Week 2 – Math 11 – Geometric series

To find a term in a geometric sequence you must use the formula

t_{n} = a (r)^{(n-1)}

to give an example here is my pattern  -3, 9, -27, 81…
to find  t_{10} follow these steps….

First, (r)^{(n-1)} becomes (r)^{(10-1)} wich is (r)^{9} leaving you with…

t_{10} = a (r)^{9}

Then you want to add in (a), replace (a) with -3 because it’s your first term. making your equation look like…

t_{10} = -3 (r)^{9}

once you have used all the given numbers you have. find the common ratio (r). if you follow the pattern of the sequence you will notice it is being multiplied by (-3) each time. so replace (r) with (-3)

t_{10} = -3 (-3)^{9}

(-3)^{9} is -19683

-3 x -19683 is 59,049

therefore t_{10} = 59,049

Part 2
to find the Geometric series you need to use this formula…

S_{n} = \frac{a (r^{n}-1)}{r-1}

using the pattern above we will find the series of  S_{10}. first lets add in the values we were given straight of the bat. replace (a) with -3, and replace (n) with 10…

S_{10} = \frac{-3 (r^{10}-1)}{r-1}

if you remember, above we found out that the common ratio was -3, so replace (r) with -3…

S_{10} = \frac{-3 (-3^{10}-1)}{-3-1}

first, we will do(-3)^{10} wich is,  59,049. then subtract 1 from this giving you, 59,048. now add this in…

S_{10} = \frac{-3 (59,048)}{-3-1}

after that multiply 59,048 by -3 giving you, -177,144. now add this to your equation…

S_{10} = \frac{-177,144}{-3-1}

now we must solve the denominator, -3-1 = -4.  your equation should look like this…

S_{10} = \frac{-177,144}{-4}

now divide these…

S_{10} = 44,286

Mutation Story

I’m the FG Syndrome. I infected my male carrier  by the X-linked recessive pattern. I change his X chromosome and ive caused many mutations in the MED12. I’ve not only effected that but I’ve also changed his intelligence and behavior. I effect intelligence disability’s just like my siblings, witch can vary from minor to severe. in my case I’m near the minor side. my host is now very hyper, and cant really focus, he’s very social but sometimes struggles with verbal communication and would rather just play. his muscles are week, he has large thumbs, large fists, and toes, he spends a long time in the bathroom and half the time is in pain due to constipation, his face is a little warped. with a abnormal foreheads, small ears and some wide set eyes. we first met when he was 6 but his parents didn’t notice till he was about 7 on a annual doctors appointment. after this he was put in a special class. he couldn’t focus at school and his relation ship at home changed. I was caused by a simple recessive gene in  the X-chromosome.

to research the fg syndrome I looked what the sg syndrome was/ is

to finish this project I asked how to format it because I was very confused. luckily I bookmarked these websites so could see them later.

I checked four websites but ended up only using two

I compared it to others to see witch had the same or similar information

I could have published this  mush earlier


First Peoples Principals

First peoples principles  are what we are doing in engineering brightness and the SSEP project.

The first persons principal is, learning is embedded in memory, history and story. because there correct memory is all threw ought history, because over the ages we have learned these things by what they did back then. and what they wrote down or passed down threw story’s to the next generations till they were able to spread this knowledge to others. the next one that I thought was a big one to is, learning involves practice and time. this is a very big one because it dose take time, when I am studying for a test I practice and study what I’m learning and repeat that over and over again taking hours of my time but drilling this information in to my brain. so that when comes test time ill be ready. the final one in my three would have to  be, learning involves generational roles and responsibility’s. this is the one I chose because just as I said in the first principal these story’s and knowledge were passed down for generations until there was a way to give this knowledge to the world. passing down this information could be as simple as telling your son a story your parents told you or singing your daughter to sleep with your family’s lullaby. were would we be if no one were able to or even bothered to pass down this information, would we be a hole generation behind in technology?

I use the first peoples principals a little bit, not all the time but a little bit. if everyone used these principals we might have a sturdier foundation for the future generations to build there life off of, like less drugs and under aged drinking to help our brains stay as full of knowledge as possible. what we are doing with engineering brightness is not only getting us more practice but helping those in need of light to benefiting the bot of us. one example of how I am using the first peoples principals to work, would be in our engineering brightness project. we are using our recourses and knowledge to help those in need.