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Persuasive essay Edit

(All edits are in red).

I think I made some very solid points throughout my debate, which reflected well in the essay.
But I think I need to choreograph my thoughts in a much more grammatically correct fashion. even though I know what I mean in the writing doesn’t mean others can as well.
One other thing I think I could improve on would have to be my integration of the quotes. I think I did a somewhat sloppy job with the integration because I explained how the passage related to the novel then added the quote.
Image result for humans are born evil
I think this image is a great way to reflect my essay and debate.
because I make the argument of a scale just like this to prove my point.

Fear Photo

image.pngTime, used to measure the speed of matter, and with time brings future and past. in the future there are dates and with dates brings stress, anxiety, anger, and sadness. all these emotions ultimately lead to Fear. fear can also be a force used to manipulate others, giving those manipulating power. fear can also be something that brings others together to take down or defeat something bigger than all of them. to me, fear is like being scared, disrupted, and full of anxiety. fear to me is being scared of something and not wanting to face it. this photo shows a date of a test, marking the day and time. this photo causes me lots of anxiety and fear as I prepare for the fateful day when its the date. this gives fear and anxiety because I have to be prepared and get a high grade which can be hard to do. I think I could fix this by either not caring about the test and what I get and just giving it my all, or I could be extremely prepared and get ready to ace it.