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SSEP reflection

Ssep reflection

The problem we attempted to solve is if chemical reactions would react the same in space, if it would be slower, faster or not react at all. Also we put food coloring in the chemicals to see if it would change the colors of the reaction, do anything different than on earth or change the reaction all together. The chemicals and other supplies we used were citric acid, baking soda, water and food coloring.

we researched what chemicals that we could use that would be allowed on the space ship and wouldn’t blow it up with the reaction. We knew we were going to do a chemical reaction after we went to the SSEP information day. Before the day we wanted to do something with ice melting to see if it would be different than on earth, take longer, go faster, not melt at all. we also wanted to do something with organic chemical reactions but were not successful. We researched the question on google and YouTube to see the best possible choices eventually we found the right one in a YouTube video we didn’t know it at first but it ended up being the one we chose.

One of the ideas I came up with was what if you had a physical reaction that when put together on a surface. They would change into a solid. Would it do something different in space?

We went through all the questions thoroughly making sure that they all made sense, had some media, spelled correctly, evenly spaced, and that we just used grammar. We listed all ingredients, the amount of the ingredients we needed to use. We gave clear instructions about what you were supposed to do for a easy experiment. The process was like reading a cook book recipe on how to make a pie, first we labeled the ingredients then we told you what to do with them, how bake the pie, how to make the pie mix. Just our pie is a chemical reaction in a tube in space.

We started a little later than we thought, but when we found the experiment that was expectable we used it. our group could have defiantly been more coordinated with everything and maybe making it look a little better. but it ended up working out. Another thing we could have done better is picked more complex chemicals to use but the ones we chose were very easy to handle and obtain. The materials we used were accessible at our local drug store.

App Reveiw


Gavin Peterson

ADL16 app review

I reviewed an app made by thix, called chemistry free, in this app you can test experiments using gasses, solids and liquids. It has a wide variety of tools, and chemicals.

a problem could be as simple as you do not know what these chemicals mixed together wouldscreenshot_20161103-111212 make, if it would be dangerous or harmful, with this app you could test. Like, mixing x and x together the boiling it on a hot plate to x tempter. If you HAD to mix the chemicals you could make the tempter change form hot to cold or change beakers and flasks. Like mixing water and HNO3.

When I use this app I can use solids, mixtures, liquids, and gases. Now I only have the free version. And the paid version comes with screenshot_20161103-111240more but you get to use all the tools and see what is given to you can do. I have put together, almost all the martials and seen the different experiments. This is what the app looks like.



you can test out different


-has a wide variety of tools

-easy to use, I jumped right in to it.



       Has a couple of bugs

          You have to play 10 dollars to get the full version

         Hard to control on phones, (much smoother on a tablet or computer)

Governing Quebec Paragraph

As a British official, I realize there are many alternatives to governing Quebec.  I have chosen the policy of status-quo to ensure the colony is properly run. My vision is simple; I want to live in calm easy place. My hope is if the people of Quebec are happy they might be a little easier to convince them to fight aside you in the future.not only that but yu woul be albe to live in peace and harmony. I feel that it will start a better relation ship, and hopfuly make the feel that they are no longer french but now french-british. this will build trust and help the converting of other French colony’s, and this will hep populate.