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How Do Cells Multiply

Asexual reproduction is another way to reproduce without sex. Where the children are the exact same as there parent. Basically they are cloning them self,  (making a identical copy of its self). asexual reproduction is fast, they can store lots of food and rapid growth, you only need one parent, and the good parts of there parents are passed on. but asexual reproduction has a, lack of spreading apart, adaption to environment is unlikely, and they inherit the bad parts of there parent.

sexual reproduction is when the sperm from a male fertilizes a females eggs (sex). this combines the attributes of both the parents. in sexual reproduction the new organism formed (the parent has given birth to it) with the mixed DNA of there parents and has the chance of not getting their parents diseases passed on, a new organism is formed, sex mixes their DNA together, and there is a good chance of a unique organism getting formed. there are still some bad parts to sexual reproduction, 2 parents must be involved, it takes longer, only 50% of the population can carry a fetus in the womb from conception to birth, having to find a mate and reproduce, the male sperm has to fuse with the female egg, parent could get a STD.

Mitosis is a process that takes 5 steps of cell division. two daughter cells each having the same kind of chromosomes and the parent nucleus. Interphase: In this phase the DNA duplicates in preparation for mitosis. Prophase:This is when the chromatin condenses into a X shaped structures called chromosomes  Metaphase: the cell’s chromosomes align themselves in the middle of the cell. Anaphase: in this the replicated chromosomes split and the daughter chromatids move to opposite sides of the cell. telophase and cytokinesis: the sister chromatids reach opposite sides. The small nuclear vesicles in the cell start forming around the chromosomes at each end and then the spindle fibres start to disappear, two nuclei are formed and the cells divide.

Mitosis is a 10 step process where a cell divides twice to produce four cells containing half the original amount of DNA. the four daughter cells only have half the number of chromosomes of the parent cell. The first step in meiosis is interphase, the second is prophase l, the third stage is metaphase l, the fourth stage is anaphase l, the fifth stage in meiosis is telophase l, the sixth stage is prophase ll, the seventh stage is metaphase ll, next is anaphase ll, then telophase ll, and then cytokinesis. The difference between mitosis and meiosis is that in mitosis it only ends in 2 organisms but in meiosis it ends in 4 organisms. another difference is that meiosis is longer than mitosis. the last difference is that the daughter cells in meiosis are not identical and in mitosis they are.

for an organism to grow it uses cell division to increases the number of cells in it, this is a process that is constantly going. in this process the cells grow big divide then die and the ones it produced divide and then die so that your always growing even when it looks like you haven’t, its just you losing some. The longer you live the stronger and bigger you get by cell division. as I said above when your cells duplicate they make two or 4 of them making a endless trail of cells. this is a form of mitosis.


First Peoples Principals

First peoples principles  are what we are doing in engineering brightness and the SSEP project.

The first persons principal is, learning is embedded in memory, history and story. because there correct memory is all threw ought history, because over the ages we have learned these things by what they did back then. and what they wrote down or passed down threw story’s to the next generations till they were able to spread this knowledge to others. the next one that I thought was a big one to is, learning involves practice and time. this is a very big one because it dose take time, when I am studying for a test I practice and study what I’m learning and repeat that over and over again taking hours of my time but drilling this information in to my brain. so that when comes test time ill be ready. the final one in my three would have to  be, learning involves generational roles and responsibility’s. this is the one I chose because just as I said in the first principal these story’s and knowledge were passed down for generations until there was a way to give this knowledge to the world. passing down this information could be as simple as telling your son a story your parents told you or singing your daughter to sleep with your family’s lullaby. were would we be if no one were able to or even bothered to pass down this information, would we be a hole generation behind in technology?

I use the first peoples principals a little bit, not all the time but a little bit. if everyone used these principals we might have a sturdier foundation for the future generations to build there life off of, like less drugs and under aged drinking to help our brains stay as full of knowledge as possible. what we are doing with engineering brightness is not only getting us more practice but helping those in need of light to benefiting the bot of us. one example of how I am using the first peoples principals to work, would be in our engineering brightness project. we are using our recourses and knowledge to help those in need.


Engineering Brightness Proposal post



Here are some of the photos I tookimg_2559-21hp68f-300x225delivery-1zxfra9-300x17420161206_105925-1v45rud-300x182                                                 this is our 3d model or our shell for the light20161206_105942-2mxw204-300x186screenshot_20161206-103734-2667jmw-300x225


Some of my thoughts on the skype experience were; what other ways could we improve their electricity? Would they be able to leave their solar paneled lights out in the day or would there light be stolen? And if so how would you be able to charge it then? I have learned about what problems that Dominican republic is having. and we talked to new Brunswick about there experience in doing this project, and we learned that the hand crank did not work that well, which lead us to do a solar panel. some people are fundraising but we were building the actual shell for the light because of our experience in drafting letting us build it. when we talked to the Dominican republic we were very shocked by the barbwire around the school and the news about the harsh living styles of the people that we were sending the lights too. it was neat to see how they live when there almost half way across the world. it was interesting to hear that some people acctuly don’t have lghts. people not having food  I had herd about not having a home I had thought about but n light had never struck me as a thought.





Edible DNA

20161208_112052This is a string of DNA. 20161208_112249there are four different letters a,t and g,c when you get  a string of letters like tca, gct, act. it will end up a little like this just different depending on what color an letter it is

we used liquorish to hold the letters in and tooth pics to put them on. we used marsh mellows for the letters


Currents in the Kitchen

My hypotheses is that…

the electricity can travel through things like and apple with no shell like an orange or lemon. because the shell will prevent it from going into the center of the orange there for not traveling threw it, but the apple is a solid thing with no shell so that it the electricity hits the apple it will travel to the copper.

SSEP reflection

Ssep reflection

The problem we attempted to solve is if chemical reactions would react the same in space, if it would be slower, faster or not react at all. Also we put food coloring in the chemicals to see if it would change the colors of the reaction, do anything different than on earth or change the reaction all together. The chemicals and other supplies we used were citric acid, baking soda, water and food coloring.

we researched what chemicals that we could use that would be allowed on the space ship and wouldn’t blow it up with the reaction. We knew we were going to do a chemical reaction after we went to the SSEP information day. Before the day we wanted to do something with ice melting to see if it would be different than on earth, take longer, go faster, not melt at all. we also wanted to do something with organic chemical reactions but were not successful. We researched the question on google and YouTube to see the best possible choices eventually we found the right one in a YouTube video we didn’t know it at first but it ended up being the one we chose.

One of the ideas I came up with was what if you had a physical reaction that when put together on a surface. They would change into a solid. Would it do something different in space?

We went through all the questions thoroughly making sure that they all made sense, had some media, spelled correctly, evenly spaced, and that we just used grammar. We listed all ingredients, the amount of the ingredients we needed to use. We gave clear instructions about what you were supposed to do for a easy experiment. The process was like reading a cook book recipe on how to make a pie, first we labeled the ingredients then we told you what to do with them, how bake the pie, how to make the pie mix. Just our pie is a chemical reaction in a tube in space.

We started a little later than we thought, but when we found the experiment that was expectable we used it. our group could have defiantly been more coordinated with everything and maybe making it look a little better. but it ended up working out. Another thing we could have done better is picked more complex chemicals to use but the ones we chose were very easy to handle and obtain. The materials we used were accessible at our local drug store.

App Reveiw


Gavin Peterson

ADL16 app review

I reviewed an app made by thix, called chemistry free, in this app you can test experiments using gasses, solids and liquids. It has a wide variety of tools, and chemicals.

a problem could be as simple as you do not know what these chemicals mixed together wouldscreenshot_20161103-111212 make, if it would be dangerous or harmful, with this app you could test. Like, mixing x and x together the boiling it on a hot plate to x tempter. If you HAD to mix the chemicals you could make the tempter change form hot to cold or change beakers and flasks. Like mixing water and HNO3.

When I use this app I can use solids, mixtures, liquids, and gases. Now I only have the free version. And the paid version comes with screenshot_20161103-111240more but you get to use all the tools and see what is given to you can do. I have put together, almost all the martials and seen the different experiments. This is what the app looks like.



you can test out different


-has a wide variety of tools

-easy to use, I jumped right in to it.



       Has a couple of bugs

          You have to play 10 dollars to get the full version

         Hard to control on phones, (much smoother on a tablet or computer)