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My Environmental Interactions Post

ill usually start my morning with a hot shower to wake me up. ill also play on my computer after I have made my lunch till I have to go to school.  usually I leave the lights of because I forget, but back to topic ill walk to school usually with Liam and arrive there 25 minutes later. at lunch ill bring my lunch bag with my sandwich and a fruit. my sand witch is covered in saran rap witch ill throw in to the garbage. after school ill walk home to the lights I left on, and play on my computer I left on through out the day. through out the night ill either do hockey, witch is off technology, or ill use my computer for home work or games. basically ill be active or on my computer.

How These Effect The Environment – in a bad way

A) when I take a hot shower in the morning I could use cold water which would save water, but not really any one likes to take or even takes cold showers. especially at 7 in the morning

B) I use my computer through out the day, at school, at home, just about every were for more than 40% of the day (when I’m awake). I could cut back on so much teck, but its really hard too. all the information I need to complete just about any assignment also on the computer Is at my finger tips when using this device. I can also entertain my self for hour on end.

C) me leaving the lights on is defiantly a problem. But when I forget to take my fish oil I tend to forget lots and lights are one of the things ill forget on a daily basis. its kind of a huge spree of forgetting.

D) when I go to school and I bring my lunch, ill always have some kind of plastic. once I’ve successfully opened what ever may be inside of the plastic ill throw it out, and it will then be later added to a landfill. it will take decades for it to decompose.

How These Effect The Environment – in a good way

A) when ever I head to school I walk about 95% of the time. walking cuts back on the burning of fossil fuels reducing the amount of green house gasses, which could cause acid rain and melting of the ice caps.

B) another thing I do is breathing, every one breaths so every one dose this. when I exhale and inhale I’m doing something. I’m taking in oxygen and breathing out carbine dioxide. this goes on threw out every 24 hour day till I die. now this could be considered a bad thin due to the large amount of co2 in the atmosphere but I defend it by saying, “what so I just stop breathing ?

C) when I play hockey or volunteer I’m skating. this is physical active instead of being a couch potato.

How These Effect…


A) Wasting energy and water.

B) Uses lots of energy

C) uses wasted energy that I don’t need to be using

D) Increases the size of land fills and pollutes.


A) when I walk I’m decrasing my carbin footprint helping cut donw on the fosil fuels I would have used if I got a ride.

B) This is something that you cant avoid but it increase the amount of co2 in the atmosphere.

C) I’m more active and it cuts down on the amount of energy I would be using if I stopped doing sports.

Mutation Story

I’m the FG Syndrome. I infected my male carrier  by the X-linked recessive pattern. I change his X chromosome and ive caused many mutations in the MED12. I’ve not only effected that but I’ve also changed his intelligence and behavior. I effect intelligence disability’s just like my siblings, witch can vary from minor to severe. in my case I’m near the minor side. my host is now very hyper, and cant really focus, he’s very social but sometimes struggles with verbal communication and would rather just play. his muscles are week, he has large thumbs, large fists, and toes, he spends a long time in the bathroom and half the time is in pain due to constipation, his face is a little warped. with a abnormal foreheads, small ears and some wide set eyes. we first met when he was 6 but his parents didn’t notice till he was about 7 on a annual doctors appointment. after this he was put in a special class. he couldn’t focus at school and his relation ship at home changed. I was caused by a simple recessive gene in  the X-chromosome.

to research the fg syndrome I looked what the sg syndrome was/ is

to finish this project I asked how to format it because I was very confused. luckily I bookmarked these websites so could see them later.

I checked four websites but ended up only using two

I compared it to others to see witch had the same or similar information

I could have published this  mush earlier


Engineering Brightness Connection Based Learning

  1. media,

Here’s a link to a time-laps 3D printing of our light

2. We started off with two ideas towards our project, one being a hand crank and the other a solar panel. But after the talk with the school that had experience we found out that the hand cranks don’t work the best and break easily. Witch is why we went with the solar panel. We gave Owen the job of keeping notes Liam and I do the misc work, and then I ended up making the actual light shell. We have just printed the light shell but we have stumbled upon a couple of problems. First problem was when we had no supports and the project toppled over while printing. The second one was just yesterday when we printed it too small. We had written down the size of the top but lost that paper and guessed what the size was. We guessed wrong. We are going to reprint it out this time to size. we hope to receive the interiors of the project before our semester ends. It was very fun to be able to talk to those far, far away about the same thing and hear what they had to say.

we connected with citadel middle school, or at least tried too. we sent the principal an email but we never got a response other than that our main concern was more about making the light than funding it. I also connected with those in the school, we talked to the boy making the interiors and Mr. Kang.

We made the light shell for our project. We used purple for the bottom, and a transparent plastic for the top to let the light threw.

3. I fell that I have improved my 3D modeling skills a lot and that I could take on a mush harder project than I would have before. another skill I feel I have improved on is my knowledge and use of a 3D printer. If you handed me a SD card and a spool of plastic I could head over to the printer and have your project printed by the end of the day (because the printers are slow, not me).

I fell as tho that i have done very good on this project. I have spent time after school and during lunch to make sure that this shell gets printed. I took time out of drafting and design to make and design the shell. I haven’t stepped that far out of my comfort zone but feel that I’v contacted people to help. Some haven’t responded but i still tried. I have also taken and added media for this project, several photos and videos and even a time laps of the printing.

4. Our collaboration went fairly well, we talked to the Dominican republic about our project and got some positive feed back on the Skype call. Asked about the hand crank and got a answer that changed our mind.

I fell as tho I made the new light to look fairly good and work just as well or better. I do think that we could have improved on communications because some times i had no clue what was going on other than what i was doing.

I feel that this was one of the highlights to this year. At the beginning when you told us that this was one of the projects  I thought that it would be fun to make and send the lights. I just dint think it would take so long and be so much work. But in the end i think it was a good project. I also enjoyed talking to those a whiles away about these problems and what we could make and do to fix it.