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Totem response

It has made them much more reliant on Canadian traditions and in some words much more “whitewashed” than they might have been if uninfluenced. Still, some keep with there traditions and old ways but at the same time some also keep up with the times. I believe that even if left to their traditions and techniques they would still have adapted to the rest of the world’s technology. I think that right now everyone is worked up over something that’s not there. Why should I have to pay taxes and give up land that should be shared because some great-great relative was a racist. I think that every person should have equal rights, but I do believe that if they were left to their ways they would end up still adapting to modern day society.

Persuasive essay Edit

(All edits are in red).

I think I made some very solid points throughout my debate, which reflected well in the essay.
But I think I need to choreograph my thoughts in a much more grammatically correct fashion. even though I know what I mean in the writing doesn’t mean others can as well.
One other thing I think I could improve on would have to be my integration of the quotes. I think I did a somewhat sloppy job with the integration because I explained how the passage related to the novel then added the quote.
Image result for humans are born evil
I think this image is a great way to reflect my essay and debate.
because I make the argument of a scale just like this to prove my point.

week 13 – Math 11 – Advanced graphing of radicals

this week in math Precalc I learned about radicals and how to graph them
for example y=\frac{1}{2x+5}

so first you want to graph the parent function 2x+5

now you want to look for your invariant points (-1 and +1) then you want to draw two L shapes not touching the x-intercept or the x=x int asymptotes making this

the red line doesn’t actually touch the x int even if it looks like it does because a radical is just flipping the numbers 2 is now 1/2.

Week 12 – Math 11 – Graphing absolute values

in this week we learned how to graph absolute values

for the first example a linear line y=|x+3|

so first you just graph the parent function y=x+3

when it touches the x-intercept it has to go back up because it always has to stay positive

the right side stays the same because it’s positive and the left side just flips making a v shape

we also learned the absolute value of parabolas, for example, y=|x^2 -3|

so you want to draw the parent function again and just flip the negative parts so they are positive making a w shape


In this week we learned how to graph an inequality.
Say we have 2x + 3y > 6

First, we must make the Y a 0
2x > 6
Then we must divide both sides by 2
x > 3
Then change the > to a =
x = 3
we then repeat the same steps for the Y axis to end up with
y = 2

Once you have these two points plot both on the grid and connect them. after this follow the line to reach each side of your graph.

Next, we must figure out which side is true. to do this we must replace the 2x + 3y with a 0 so we end up with
0 > 6
Now we ask our self, is 0 greater than 6?
since its no, the shaded side will be the side without 0 on it.


In this week we learned how to graph trinomials.

if the graph is Y=X^2
notice how this graph has its axis at (0,0) and how it is going up 1,3,5

if the graph is Y=X^2 +2
The + 2 makes the parabola just go up to spaces so the axis is now (0,2) and still has the same pattern 1,3,5

if the graph is y= (x-2)^2
the -2 means to go to the right 2 so its the opposite of the symbol to which side you go so if it was +2 you would have gone 2 to the left

if the graph is y=2x^2
the 2 in front of the x makes it stretched out upwards because before there is an imaginary 1 in front of the x and now its 2 so it goes from 1,3,5 to 2,6,10 which makes the graph look skinner


In this week we learned how to factor Trinomials

For example 16X^2 + 36X + 8

First, multiply 16 * 8 and find the factors of numbers that multiply towards it until you find the factors that add together to create 36.

So 16 * 8 = 128
128 = 4 * 32
4 + 32 = 36

so once you have done this you will end up with 4X and 32X in your empty squares.

and finally, you will end with (4 + 32X) and (4X + 8).