Engineering Brightness Connection Based Learning

  1. media,

Here’s a link to a time-laps 3D printing of our light

2. We started off with two ideas towards our project, one being a hand crank and the other a solar panel. But after the talk with the school that had experience we found out that the hand cranks don’t work the best and break easily. Witch is why we went with the solar panel. We gave Owen the job of keeping notes Liam and I do the misc work, and then I ended up making the actual light shell. We have just printed the light shell but we have stumbled upon a couple of problems. First problem was when we had no supports and the project toppled over while printing. The second one was just yesterday when we printed it too small. We had written down the size of the top but lost that paper and guessed what the size was. We guessed wrong. We are going to reprint it out this time to size. we hope to receive the interiors of the project before our semester ends. It was very fun to be able to talk to those far, far away about the same thing and hear what they had to say.

we connected with citadel middle school, or at least tried too. we sent the principal an email but we never got a response other than that our main concern was more about making the light than funding it. I also connected with those in the school, we talked to the boy making the interiors and Mr. Kang.

We made the light shell for our project. We used purple for the bottom, and a transparent plastic for the top to let the light threw.

3. I fell that I have improved my 3D modeling skills a lot and that I could take on a mush harder project than I would have before. another skill I feel I have improved on is my knowledge and use of a 3D printer. If you handed me a SD card and a spool of plastic I could head over to the printer and have your project printed by the end of the day (because the printers are slow, not me).

I fell as tho that i have done very good on this project. I have spent time after school and during lunch to make sure that this shell gets printed. I took time out of drafting and design to make and design the shell. I haven’t stepped that far out of my comfort zone but feel that I’v contacted people to help. Some haven’t responded but i still tried. I have also taken and added media for this project, several photos and videos and even a time laps of the printing.

4. Our collaboration went fairly well, we talked to the Dominican republic about our project and got some positive feed back on the Skype call. Asked about the hand crank and got a answer that changed our mind.

I fell as tho I made the new light to look fairly good and work just as well or better. I do think that we could have improved on communications because some times i had no clue what was going on other than what i was doing.

I feel that this was one of the highlights to this year. At the beginning when you told us that this was one of the projects  I thought that it would be fun to make and send the lights. I just dint think it would take so long and be so much work. But in the end i think it was a good project. I also enjoyed talking to those a whiles away about these problems and what we could make and do to fix it.

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