First Peoples Principals

First peoples principles  are what we are doing in engineering brightness and the SSEP project.

The first persons principal is, learning is embedded in memory, history and story. because there correct memory is all threw ought history, because over the ages we have learned these things by what they did back then. and what they wrote down or passed down threw story’s to the next generations till they were able to spread this knowledge to others. the next one that I thought was a big one to is, learning involves practice and time. this is a very big one because it dose take time, when I am studying for a test I practice and study what I’m learning and repeat that over and over again taking hours of my time but drilling this information in to my brain. so that when comes test time ill be ready. the final one in my three would have to  be, learning involves generational roles and responsibility’s. this is the one I chose because just as I said in the first principal these story’s and knowledge were passed down for generations until there was a way to give this knowledge to the world. passing down this information could be as simple as telling your son a story your parents told you or singing your daughter to sleep with your family’s lullaby. were would we be if no one were able to or even bothered to pass down this information, would we be a hole generation behind in technology?

I use the first peoples principals a little bit, not all the time but a little bit. if everyone used these principals we might have a sturdier foundation for the future generations to build there life off of, like less drugs and under aged drinking to help our brains stay as full of knowledge as possible. what we are doing with engineering brightness is not only getting us more practice but helping those in need of light to benefiting the bot of us. one example of how I am using the first peoples principals to work, would be in our engineering brightness project. we are using our recourses and knowledge to help those in need.