Engineering Brightness Proposal post



Here are some of the photos I tookimg_2559-21hp68f-300x225delivery-1zxfra9-300x17420161206_105925-1v45rud-300x182                                                 this is our 3d model or our shell for the light20161206_105942-2mxw204-300x186screenshot_20161206-103734-2667jmw-300x225


Some of my thoughts on the skype experience were; what other ways could we improve their electricity? Would they be able to leave their solar paneled lights out in the day or would there light be stolen? And if so how would you be able to charge it then? I have learned about what problems that Dominican republic is having. and we talked to new Brunswick about there experience in doing this project, and we learned that the hand crank did not work that well, which lead us to do a solar panel. some people are fundraising but we were building the actual shell for the light because of our experience in drafting letting us build it. when we talked to the Dominican republic we were very shocked by the barbwire around the school and the news about the harsh living styles of the people that we were sending the lights too. it was neat to see how they live when there almost half way across the world. it was interesting to hear that some people acctuly don’t have lghts. people not having food  I had herd about not having a home I had thought about but n light had never struck me as a thought.





Edible DNA

20161208_112052This is a string of DNA. 20161208_112249there are four different letters a,t and g,c when you get  a string of letters like tca, gct, act. it will end up a little like this just different depending on what color an letter it is

we used liquorish to hold the letters in and tooth pics to put them on. we used marsh mellows for the letters


Currents in the Kitchen

My hypotheses is that…

the electricity can travel through things like and apple with no shell like an orange or lemon. because the shell will prevent it from going into the center of the orange there for not traveling threw it, but the apple is a solid thing with no shell so that it the electricity hits the apple it will travel to the copper.