My Safety Story

One day, during science class. we are discussing about an ethical dilemma, which was about dissection and if killing animals for science is something that should happen. there are always two sides to things and well killing animals for science has many things to look at it. for example are the animals/animal parts that are used, from animals that are already killed or were the animals killed for only one purpose which was to be dissected. i think that there should be separate classes for those who actually want to dissect the animal because sometimes people treat the dissection as a joke or are just not interested, which would means the animal was wasted. in conclusion i think dissections and killing animals for science has a good cause but it shouldn’t be done in earlier years like middle school and high school. during our conversation about dissection Mr.Robinson gave us some news about an up-coming experiment. i was so excited, but first we had to do a quiz that went a little like this:

1.what is this symbol’s definition:Flame   answer:Flammable materials or substances that can self ignite when exposed to water or air, or which emit flammable gas.

2.what is this symbol’s definition:Environment   answer:chemicals toxic to the environment and wildlife

3.what is this symbol’s definition:Image result for consumer hazard symbols   answer: chemicals with explosive properties

4.what is this symbol’s definition:Image result for consumer hazard symbols   answer:substances that are harmful to humans if they are inhaled, ingested or they come into contact with skin.

After the test Mr.Robinson carried a test tube rack which is used to carry test tubes into the class. “the test tubes are used to mix, heat, or store substances,” said Mr.Robinson. As he walked to the back of the class, Mr.Robinson tripped on someone’s backpack and spilt the chemicals on a student, causing the student to catch on fire. the student freaked out and started to run around the class screaming “i am burning”, which is a very bad way of demonstrating safe conduct during an emergency. After, the student was sent to the hospital with minor injuries, and Mr.Robinson had a serious conversation on what to during an emergency, which was to inform a teacher then wrap the person in the fire blanket or go to the emergency shower. this incident made the experiment postponed, which was a bummer.


After a couple of weeks we finally got to do the experiment and i was super excited. Mr.Robinson warned us that we would be working with flammable material so we had to be extremely careful. we set us all with partners and made one person get the test tube holder which is used to hold a hot test tube and a funnel which is used to help pour liquids into a small openings without spilling it. he gave every group a test tube and made the second partner go and get a hot plate which is used to heat things up and a ring stand which is used to support a ring clamp or a test tube clamp they also had to get the test tube clamp. we also needed a test tube brush and a thermometer, the test tube brush is used to clean test tubes and the thermometer is used to measure heat and obviously we needed to wear safety goggles to protect our eyes. then once we were ready we got gasoline.


to start we poured the gasoline into the test tube using the funnel to help us to make sure we don’t spill it everywhere. once we got the gasoline into the test tube we were told to use the test tube clamp to clamp the test tube. we then put the test tube clamp on to the ring stand which helped support the test tube clamp. once all that was done we turned on the hot plate and set the test tube above the hot plate to heat the test tube. will we did all of these steps we also were filling out our results sheet. everything was going perfectly but of course something bad happens. when we were told to use the test tube holder to pick up the gasoline, a student turned around too quickly causing him to knock over the hot plate and the gasoline. this caused the floor to start to catch on fire. however it’s a good thing that he knew what to do which was to get the teacher’s attention which then lead to the teacher to put out the fire with the fire extinguisher. this situation was a good example of safe conduct during an emergency.     THE END




  1. Mr. Robinson · September 13, 2019 at 5:33 pm ·

    You did a fantastic job on your safety story. I really appreciate your attention to detail in communicating your understanding of safety issues in the Science class. Great job including all the symbols and equipment for which I asked. Excellent highlighting of the sections to make them even clearer! Check out your map as it is a broken link.

  2. makaylas2019 · September 13, 2019 at 9:24 pm ·

    This was really good Gautom, you represented all the criteria very well.

  3. tommyl2019 · September 13, 2019 at 9:42 pm ·

    Nice story, I thought I thought it was cleaver that the gasoline lit the ground on fire. I also like how worked the equipment into the story.