FINAL Exam Vocabulary Review

Data Analysis:

It’s basically analyse what type and how a question is made for you. This helps to understand the variate of artifacts that are used to do a simple question. Also this subject help us understand how some popular researches are organized and how some answers also work. This is important to us, that one day will become adults and be part of the society, because we will have to answer important questions, about important topics that could be important for all.

FINAL Exam Vocabulary Review

Linear relations:

Basically, linear relations is put the results were they should be.This results should be always a pattern, then we can identify if the pattern is decreasing or not with a visual resource. It also is very useful for any job that we should take.

Rational Numbers:

Is the number that can be written in a fraction. That is extremely important for the academic life and either more for the adult life. In things all over our life we will have to calculate things [especially money] and devid numbers as a fraction is just essential.

Linear inequalities:

Another essential thing for the business and students lives. This is usually used to calculate not specific answers, but it helps a lot. Calculate the minimum price for something is just a common example for the use of it.

What I have learned about gr 9 inequalities

What does the sign mean?


This mean grater than, it means that the number in the left is bigger than the one in the right, not equal, bigger.


The signal means that the right number could also be equal to the one in the left, or greater.


Like the first one, it cant be the same number, but this is the opposite, the number in the left is less than the right one, that’s why this is called less than sign.


 The symbol means that,like the second one, that both number can be equal, but is the opposite side,what means that the number in the right can be from equal to up to the one in the left.