Climate Change solution


It’s when the global temperature change [usually warming] because of a huge quantity  of polluted gases,in the atmosphere; affecting the weather all over the world. My ideal here is to try to lower the amount of co2 gas


There are some ONGs focused in help the environment [for example Greenpeace] that have some good projects related to this.


In my project, each city in the world should have an area of at least 4km of green area [depending on the city size], that means an area with a lot of trees, like a park. Also, the government might put 40 solar panels in a secure area to produce energy for at least to keep the keep the city hall running and the politics might use electrical cars to be an example for the population


This is a good project and also very effective to turn the quantity of co2 in the atmosphere lower. This way, we can really help the environment, because the amount of carbon released for us will turn lower and the trees will help us to shelter some animals in the parks and help de-stress the population on a number of factors.


I think i could do the research better but i said the basic about it. I don’t want to be too confident but I think my ideas are good and effective.

Community Connection Alternate

Volunteer opportunity –

Employment opportunity –

First paragraph: Employment

In fact I want to work like a solider when I grow up, but as a firefighter I can also help the people,that’s what this site offer to me. AS a firefighter I can do what I dream. I’m pretty sure that I can work with that and be happy doing it. Other good reason to enter in this career is the qualifications that are needed in this job, for example, be physically and mentally endeavored.Of corse  this career have basics requirement.You need to have a high school diploma, and hold a valid driver’s license, must have to be 18 years old an pass in the criminal background check and also be physically fit.

Second paragraph: Volunteer hours opportunity

I’m quiet interested in help the poor people. They really need our help and we also get some price for do it. The fact that you participate of a volunteer project gives you knowledge and also a good place to live. Using like an example my home city, that’s one of the biggest capitals in my country and a big international tourist point. But we also have people starving and they think the way to survive is steeling and selling drugs. So many tourist don’t come visit becouse they are scared to be kidnapped for example. And actions like that can help not only the poor, but also the ones that want peace.