FINAL Exam Vocabulary Review

Data Analysis:

It’s basically analyse what type and how a question is made for you. This helps to understand the variate of artifacts that are used to do a simple question. Also this subject help us understand how some popular researches are organized and how some answers also work. This is important to us, that one day will become adults and be part of the society, because we will have to answer important questions, about important topics that could be important for all.

FINAL Exam Vocabulary Review

Linear relations:

Basically, linear relations is put the results were they should be.This results should be always a pattern, then we can identify if the pattern is decreasing or not with a visual resource. It also is very useful for any job that we should take.

Rational Numbers:

Is the number that can be written in a fraction. That is extremely important for the academic life and either more for the adult life. In things all over our life we will have to calculate things [especially money] and devid numbers as a fraction is just essential.

Linear inequalities:

Another essential thing for the business and students lives. This is usually used to calculate not specific answers, but it helps a lot. Calculate the minimum price for something is just a common example for the use of it.

Stem cell PART2


Would it be possible to grow full size functional organs with stem cells?

Stem cells could help with back or brain problems?


I searched about both questions in the internet, but the information on wasn’t clear enough for me. After some time I got some information on Google just to have a basic knowledge about the subject. But the person that really took my doubts was Charis.


Basically most of the information that I got was from Charis. Another thing is that I don’t remember the name of the sites witch i researched , just the one above.


I had dificulty to find clear information on the Yahoo, Google and YouTube, but I got the answer for it by Charis. So in the end I got my questions responded.

Current events assignment

In June fifteth , the Prime Minister of Canada visited British Columbia for a Cometee about the Trans Mountain pipeline in a Cheam territory Lots of people were protesting in the streets when he arrived in the community. Basically  , most part of the population is against it , but their leader is, what makes the population even more upset

Stem cells-organoids connection-based on learning



Friday we made a connection with Charis Walko. She is a stem cell German researcher , so she explained many things about her job that helped us to find the answers for our questions about the subject. [this image was found in another connection with Charis and another grade 9 riverside students]



I’m really interested on the diabetes disease because I know some people that have it. And the carries of this disease are many, approximately 382 millions[based on Yahoo], so in the end would help lots of people all around the world.



There are two different types of diabetes, but i will talk about it in general. This disease is caused by he lack of insulin cells in the pancreas. Student are really curious about it and, made many questions regarding it. Charis said that maybe in the future will be possible to help or cure people with diseases like diabetes and cancer. but not in the moment. By a research in many different sites, I feel safe to say that she is right. In nowadays we don’t have enough technology to it, but there are many people working on it.





Currents from the kitchen

Purpose: discover the fruit that have the greater electric charge;

Hypothesis: when we do it, the best fruit will be the banana;

Materials:3 different types of fruits, Voltmeter, 2 wires, 2 different metals [Copper/zine] and a knife;


.Cut the piece of fruit;

.Put in two pieces of metal;

.Attach to the voltmeter;

.Record the results;

.Compare results from several pieces of fruits.

What I have learned about gr 9 inequalities

What does the sign mean?


This mean grater than, it means that the number in the left is bigger than the one in the right, not equal, bigger.


The signal means that the right number could also be equal to the one in the left, or greater.


Like the first one, it cant be the same number, but this is the opposite, the number in the left is less than the right one, that’s why this is called less than sign.


 The symbol means that,like the second one, that both number can be equal, but is the opposite side,what means that the number in the right can be from equal to up to the one in the left.