Stem cells-organoids connection-based on learning



Friday we made a connection with Charis Walko. She is a stem cell German researcher , so she explained many things about her job that helped us to find the answers for our questions about the subject. [this image was found in another connection with Charis and another grade 9 riverside students]



I’m really interested on the diabetes disease because I know some people that have it. And the carries of this disease are many, approximately 382 millions[based on Yahoo], so in the end would help lots of people all around the world.



There are two different types of diabetes, but i will talk about it in general. This disease is caused by he lack of insulin cells in the pancreas. Student are really curious about it and, made many questions regarding it. Charis said that maybe in the future will be possible to help or cure people with diseases like diabetes and cancer. but not in the moment. By a research in many different sites, I feel safe to say that she is right. In nowadays we don’t have enough technology to it, but there are many people working on it.





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