Two Fishermen Character Sketch

In the short story, “Two Fishermen,” there is an executioner. The name of this character is K. Smith, he also goes by the name of Smitty. Smitty’s job is to come into other towns to hang those facing capital punishment. Smitty is a short, middle-aged man, Caucasian and grey haired. He is a family man who is married and has 5 children. Smitty is a peculiar looking man as he has large head and a “birdlike neck” (Callaghan 1). Smitty is unlike what others assumed he would be due to his occupation. Smitty is harmless, timid, and is looking to make new friends. Smitty likes to see the best out of people and opens up when he feels he is accepted. This is evident when “They started a conversation about fishing rivers that ran into the lake farther north” (Callaghan 2). Although Smitty is not too proud of his line of work, he enjoys what he does. Due to this Smitty also believes in capital punishment. He chooses to not be informed of his victims, in order to avoid guilt or regret. Overall Smitty’s personality and character is not determined by his physical attributes or occupation. Smitty is a polite, easygoing, and sincere.


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