Winter Poem

A Winter’s Day

It is when time slows down to longer appreciate the silent night

What is winter?

It is the covering of fall’s canvas with white paint

It is the powdered sugar adorns the plain donut with a jelly surprise inside

It is the dust in the closet that is closed for a few months until the cleaning breeze of Spring opens the door

It is the frozen touch of a loved one lost



The Power of Holding On

The Power of Holding On by Cameron Bove caught my interest because life is full of unexpected events and you don’t know when the last chance you’ll have to hug someone. For example, my brother recently moved to Montreal. Before leaving he asked for me to hug him, I foolishly resisted for some reason because we as brothers never hugged till now. Till we hugged I didn’t realize how important it actually was. What makes hugging so emotionally powerful? 

Cameron writes: “It’s [act of hugging] the current that runs from my heart to yours when I want to say something and words just won’t do.” (Cameron, The Power of Holding On

After reading the essay I realized how important “holding on” truly is. Cameron believes that “a hug is like a battery charger-a good one can keep me going for a long time.” (Cameron, The Power of Holding On) The essay has taught me to be more appreciative the time I spend with people and to encourage myself to hug more often then I am used to. 

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The Essentials to Happiness

The Essentials to Happiness by, Alexxandra Shuman, caught my interest merely from the title. I was going into this essay to see how I can be more ‘happy’. Alexxandra in her essay tells the essentials of happiness through stories of her past.

Alexxandra said she was reaching a so-called “darkness” about herself during the early grades of school. Only till after being diagnosed with clinical depression and treatment was taking effect, she realized: 

“When I began to feel happy again is when I realized that I had to take the responsibility for getting better myself, rather than relying on medication and therapy alone.” (Alexxandra, The Essentials to Happiness

Alexxandra believes the philosopher Aristotle’s quote to be a mirror representation of what she had to do to achieve happiness. Aristotle said, “To live happily is an inward power of the soul,”. I appreciated Alexxandra’s approach towards her idea of happiness. In the essay, she writes about how happiness is often portrayed as “having a lot of money” (Alexxandra, The Essentials to Happiness) But through a very enriching moment with a nine-year-old girl named Marilyn, Alexxandra realized what with the right mindset truly make us happy. Her answer? Love and hope. 

I connected to the essay because I had an old friend who was depressed and just recently took her own life. Depression is a very serious illness and often gets underestimated of the effects that depression has on people. With this new knowledge of happiness, I hope to enhance my friend’s and my family’s lives filling my life with love and hope, ultimately making happiness for myself and others. 


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Concrete Abstract Poem Assignment

Concrete Abstract Poem

  1. Make a list of abstract nouns: (love, doubt, fear, hope, despair, imagination, faith, respect, trust, integrity, honesty, anxiety….)
  2. Make a list of your senses: (touch, taste, smell, sight, sound)
  3. Write a five-line poem (or more, but make sure each sense is covered) defining the abstract emotion through the concrete.


Grief feels like having bubbles in your hands, only to have them disappear into oblivion.    

Tastes like the everlasting taste of garlic, you try to brush it away, only to make it taste worse.

Smells like a never-ending stream of salty tears running down your face while you hopelessly attempt to wipe them away.

Sounds like a never-ending echo only you can hear, but never tell anyone about it.

Grief looks like the clouds that hide the sun, to remind you that the world isn’t always so bright. 

Fraser Rostad



There Is More To Life Than My Life

I found the essay “There Is More To Life Than My Life” by Jamaica Ritcher, very interesting. The title itself could be seen as some depressing understatement on the author’s life; however, it is anything but depressing. The essay addresses how Jamaica was raised with “straightforward” parents. Which came to play as an issue when a death had ever occurred. Jamaica writes the difficulty she had with death. Worried about her future of “internal nothingness” after her death. When Jamaica’s family cat had died, Jamaica found herself in a difficult position many parents struggle with. How to tell a two-year-old about death. Jamaica carefully told her two-year-old daughter: 

“when animals, including people, die, they are usually put into the ground and that their bodies become the grasses, flowers and trees” -Jamaica Ritcher, (There Is More To Life Than My Life Par. 3)

Jamaica puts a once dreadful situation, into a completely different perspective. She made death not seem so much of an “internal nothingness” experience. But rather poetically: ” life, everlasting, in the bloom of every flower.” -Jamaica Ritcher (There Is More To Life Than My Life Par. 5). With the help of Jamaica’s insightful perspective on a very sensitive subject (death). It is argued that she has brightened not only Jamaica’s life but her daughter’s life as well, internally. 

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Paul Ford, “Facebook and the Epiphanator: An End to Endings?”

The article “Facebook and the Epiphantor,” by Paul Ford quickly caught my interest. The article addresses how society deals with, but is not often made aware of the very relevant issues regarding social media. In this article, Ford explains the idea that social media posts contain no feelings. Ford gives examples of how people on social media can express their dreadful loss of a loved one with photos and statuses of grief; but not long before, they revise their status with posts of their newborn nephew. Ford portrays the idea that social media has no beginning and no end:
“The tide brings in status updates; the tide takes them out…No beginnings, and no endings” -Paul Ford, (Facebook and the Epiphanator Par. 3 & 4)
Ford’s writing appeals to me through his poetic, insightful realities of social media. He compares very repetitive natural things such as a tide, to the very repetitive traits of social media functions. In our everyday lives as clients of Facebook, we scroll through a feed that consists of various statuses posted by others, which are then annexed by more recent status updates. The goals of one’s post can go anywhere from motivational, to depressing, to angry. Social media provides equal chances, which are desired by everyone.

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Connection Between Alison’s Thesis, Gandalf’s Quote and Text To World

In Gandalf’s quote, he covers the similar idea that the essay “A South African Storm” describes. One’s actions with great reputation, are less powerful than unified actions from others with less reputation. Allison Howard describes racism as a habit brought from institutionalized racism. For example, Society often criticises commercials for having caucasian families instead of having other races. When it is unintentional, it is seen as racist. When ironically enough, regardless of which race is cast, it is important to understand that we are all the same species, thus, it shouldn’t be of drastic concern and perhaps something that should be ignored instead of pressured on companies’ to hire specific races for their commercials. An unintentional action, like running in the rain to refrain from getting your clothing wet. Allison Howard’s hopes of identifying and taking action on instinctive actions will “keep the darkness [hate and racism] at bay”. Ignoring differences between herself and the others around her as well will help with changing the path of racism.


Literature Response to Miss Brill


Miss Brill by, Katherine Mansfield, touches the very relevant conditions of life. Through the eyes of a lonely elderly lady, the short story describes Miss Brill’s perspective of her surroundings as she analyzes the people around her. Listening in on their conversations and making a conclusion of their lives merely based on their appearance. Miss Brill is one unique character, however; I believe that she is also very similar to myself. It is hard to avoid it, but if I see someone and observe their appearance. I instinctively come to an assumption of how they are, and who they are. We never truly can identify someone until we communicate. Anyone who has read Miss Brill could identify this human characteristic being practiced throughout its literature. 


Many times we assume “all is well”. Whether it be ourselves or others, we assume that there will be no issues that arise, until we are then, of course, reminded that our observations are just what we think and are not actually factual. To wit, Miss Brill describes a young couple as “beautifully dressed; they were in love. The hero and heroine,” only to discover that they were actually in an argument at the time: “No, not now. Not here, I can’t” the young girl said. Miss Brill was convinced by her mediate thought about this couples’ situation. She instinctively romanticizes them-she sees them as rich, glamorous heroes of a play, who are in love, because they dress nicely and because they are young, fitting the stereotype of romantic heroes in films and books, however; it is then evident, that Miss Brill wrongfully accused this couple, from the distant vibrations that the girl was giving to her significant other. 


The Roaring 20s Comparison

Roaring 20s Comparison

Theme How did it contribute to the “Roar” of the 1920s? Modern day equivalent What is similar today? What is different today?
Branch Plants This made it cheaper for the US to sell goods in Canada with less tax. Unfortunately, it didn’t benefit Canada’s income. It just made it cheaper for the US and easier for Canadians to access American goods build in Canada.   The US still has Branch Plants in Canada. Online shopping
Prohibition/ Bootlegging –        Canada exported large quantities of illegal alcohol to the United states, providing income through illegal trade.

–        Women’s empowerment grew largely from the prohibition on alcohol

–        Quebec didn’t have prohibition laws on alcohol and had a booming wealth due to the mass sale of alcohol. Both individuals from the states and neighboring countries frequently visited Quebec for the privileges of consumption of alcohol

–        Canada admitted the prohibition proved to be unpopular and omitted the prohibition. Individuals from the united states shortly after the prohibition was lifted would visit Canada.




Variations of individuals often differ from supporting or not supporting the legalization, use and all connotations brought with marijuana. Presently marijuana proves to be illegal in most cases but is still often sold and distributed illegally. Narcotics play a similar role to marijuana without the uncertainty of the legalization aid, marijuana is facing. Narcotics are also sold and distributed illegally. Marijuana is legal based on medical necessities and are legally prescribed under specific requirements but under the law is still seen illegal
Telephones were more affordable. Communication was a lot easier and faster. Cellphones, Smartphones People can still call others who have phones, Video chats, text messages, iMessage, all of these are advancements from Telephones. People still use phones but are nowadays a lot more affordable and mobile.
Electric Trolleys With urbanization most people need to travel far to get where they want to be, and if they can’t afford a car then they can take a Trolley. sky train airplane traveling




They were Powered by electricity,

Mass public transportation, it was to help those who couldn’t afford a vehicle.


A lot more different routes available, more varieties of different public transportation such as the Sea Bus, and Sky train.
Automobiles This made it easy for the wealthy to get into the city. Cars were becoming more affordable now and made transportation much easier while also being faster. Cars have advanced to be more efficient, fast, and safe


Electric Cars

Cars today still use diesel or gas. Cars have progressed dramatically in safety, speed, luxury, and science. Cars nowadays are somewhat more expensive then what they were in the 20’s however are much more advanced.
Radio Radios made it easier to get connected with the world. Advertisements were used as well, creating a whole new business. television Adds, communication, entertainment, family oriented,


Radios are a lot cheaper and more compact. Radios are not used as often as were used originally.
Sports With people having more time on their hands, they could watch sports or listen to sports on the radio. This also made idols and “stars”. Video Games Entertainment, merchandise We have female leagues, sports are a lot safer, we have a larger variety of sports and one that includes both genders (ultimate Frisbee). Some people consider Video Games to be related to sports for they have small matches which people can watch.
  1. The