The Power of Holding On

The Power of Holding On by Cameron Bove caught my interest because life is full of unexpected events and you don’t know when the last chance you’ll have to hug someone. For example, my brother recently moved to Montreal. Before leaving he asked for me to hug him, I foolishly resisted for some reason because we as brothers never hugged till now. Till we hugged I didn’t realize how important it actually was. What makes hugging so emotionally powerful? 

Cameron writes: “It’s [act of hugging] the current that runs from my heart to yours when I want to say something and words just won’t do.” (Cameron, The Power of Holding On

After reading the essay I realized how important “holding on” truly is. Cameron believes that “a hug is like a battery charger-a good one can keep me going for a long time.” (Cameron, The Power of Holding On) The essay has taught me to be more appreciative the time I spend with people and to encourage myself to hug more often then I am used to. 

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