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Math 11 Week 4

This week we learned about adding and subtracting radical expressions. There are some tings you need to remember when adding and subtracting radicals. Before you start doing any adding or subtracting you must remember to put all radicals into there simplest form you can. It makes it easier when you start doing the equation. Another thing to remember is that only the radicals with the same radicand can be combined together. One more thing you should remember is that when adding and subtracting the radicand will not change but the coefficient can change but it depends on the equation .

At the beginning it was sort of easy to figure out but as we continued on it was become much more difficult by the minute.  I have found some strategies to help me. The tic tac toe formula that we were shown helps a lot. Where the answer is the same no matter if it is diagonal horizontal or vertical.

Math 11 Week 3

For week 3  we  begin a unit on “Absolute Value and Radicals”. I had not known anything about it until now. The concept is about a digit value of a number from zero.  There is a formula that can be used. You take a square root of a square to get the absolute value.

Example: Take -6, -6 squared is 36 and the root of 36 is 6. so the absolute value of -6 is 6

We also learned about simplifying radical expressions. It is sort of complicated for me to understand as I never really understood it very well in grade 10.  To simplify an entire radical you take all the prime factors (2x2x2x2x3), and gather the groups of 2 as it is a square root. In my example there are 2 groups of 2’s and an extra 3. The groups are then multiplied together (2×2 = 4) and you just have the 3 left to slide into the answer.

Week 2 Math 11

In week two of pre-calculus 11, we took similar concepts as in week one . I learned that geometric sequences are sequences which have a multiplying common ratio, rather than a common difference. I also learned how to find the sum of all the terms.

For example – If I want to find a specific term in a geometric sequence, we use the formula :
tn = a (r)n – 1 meaning you multiply the first term (a) by the ratio to the power that is  one less than your term.

I also learned that it is possible to find the sum of all the terms in a never-ending infinite converging series.
The formula can be used if -1<r<1 :
S∞ = a/1 – r

Week 1 Math 11

For the first week of our Math pre-calculus class, we have learned about arithmetic sequences and series. This was all new to me as I have never heard of it or learned it before . I learned about the formulas you use to solve arithmetic sequences and series.

You can use t_{t_n} =t_1 + (n-1)(d) to solve the value of a term you don’t know yet.

Another thing I learned is an equation like  13- 4n + 3 = -26 will be a linear equation as there are no powers in it.

Legalization of Marijuana

I don’t think legalizing marijuana is a good idea for one simple reason I believe to be true. Marijuana is a drug and when you take it the drug changes the way that you act around others and alters the natural state that you brain was in. Everyone brain continues to grow even past the age of 20 or 30. You are constantly learning new things all through your life and if you use a drug that hinders you brain from preforming at the best it can it should be illegal.

  • Its marijuana is dumb there is no argument to why it should be legal.


I think that they should legalize it for everyone if they chose to legalize it not just for people older then 18 because the people that marijuana affects most are young teens/kids brains that are still developing at an accelerated rate. Whether the drug is legal or not teens/kids are still going to smoke it.  If you legalize the drug then teens/kids can get it from dispensaries and you then know the drug is clean and doesn’t have other drugs put into it to make it more addictive. That is the main problem is that weed now from drug dealers have more THC levels which makes you higher when you smoke it and reduced CBD which evens the high out and is the medical side to the drug. In dispensaries the drug would have a more even amount of the THC and CBS. They can control the levels that is in the plant. So if they legalize it they should legalize it for everyone of all ages because teens that get weed from drug dealers are probably laced and if not have very high THC levels which damages your brain. So to reduce harm if you can give the teens drugs that aren’t laced and have much more evened out THC and CBS levels it would benefit the development of the brain.

3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal Reviewed

Residential Schools Textbook

Question 4 Residential schools were put in place to take the Indian out of the Indian and have to not worry about aboriginal practices.

Question 3: They were limiting how many African immigrants were allowed in Canada and the people who lived in Canada wanted them to wanted them to come in because they would work long hours with low pay.

Question 3: The kids were taken away from there families and put into residential schools. The residential schools were not a good place because the main goal f the school was to get the kids/students to forget and lose all of there aboriginal practices to fit into (society)

Question 1: the gave the aboriginals land and let them not be under any government. I think that these term where well deserved because we did such bad things the aboriginal for years so we should give them those 2 things for sure.


How the impact of residencial schools can be passed down generation to generation


When the first residencial schools where made and the first generation of kids went through they lost some of the knowledge if not all the knowledge of there culter and tradition. When those kids get out and are young adults they don’t really know the proper way of parenting anymore and they end up abusing there kids. They also cant properly teach there kids the culter and tradition \s because they have forgotten things in the residencial schools. But then the adults that where in the residencial schools have there kids taken away and cant do anything about it and the cycle continues

Government Responsibility

1. Write a three paragraph response to the above question.  Your first paragraph should focus on the main arguments from one point of view, the second on arguments from the other and your final paragraph stating your position on the issue.

1: The government should be responsible for the actions that other government groups have made in the past because they made laws that affected and ruined many people lives. They put tax’s on Chinese immigrants and made residencial school which made people commit suicide and go insane. Just these 2 things that were done ruined thousands of families and caused families to break up and leave each other. There are still affects that are going on today and you cant really change the past.

2: The Government shouldn’t be responsible for the past decisions because they were not in power at the time and were not the ones making the Decisions. Even though that are in power now and technically the “government” is still responsible for the mistakes that they made no one who is currently in the government was there and helped make the decisions that affected families.

3: I think the government shouldn’t be fully responsible for what happened in the past but I do think that they should still apologize for the wrongs that were done by their organization. Even if it wasn’t them they are still associated with the group that did make the bad decisions. They should also teach kids in school about what happened because it is important to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes ever again.