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Government Responsibility

1. Write a three paragraph response to the above question.  Your first paragraph should focus on the main arguments from one point of view, the second on arguments from the other and your final paragraph stating your position on the issue.

1: The government should be responsible for the actions that other government groups have made in the past because they made laws that affected and ruined many people lives. They put tax’s on Chinese immigrants and made residencial school which made people commit suicide and go insane. Just these 2 things that were done ruined thousands of families and caused families to break up and leave each other. There are still affects that are going on today and you cant really change the past.

2: The Government shouldn’t be responsible for the past decisions because they were not in power at the time and were not the ones making the Decisions. Even though that are in power now and technically the “government” is still responsible for the mistakes that they made no one who is currently in the government was there and helped make the decisions that affected families.

3: I think the government shouldn’t be fully responsible for what happened in the past but I do think that they should still apologize for the wrongs that were done by their organization. Even if it wasn’t them they are still associated with the group that did make the bad decisions. They should also teach kids in school about what happened because it is important to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes ever again.

Canadas conflict

1 What different conflicts has Canada been involved in during the 20th century?

WW1, WW2, Korean War, Veitnam even though it was Americas war

2 For each conflict that you identified describe the following:


-What other nations were involved?

Germany, Vietnam, France, Britan, USA, Soviet Union “aka” Russia, Australia, Japan

-Were there any memorable or important events?

Vimy Ridge, Paschendale, Battle of the Somme, Juno Beach, Bombing of Japan,

-How many casualties did Canada suffer?

roughly 350,000 men and woman died in the wars listed above

-What was the outcome of the conflict?

WW1:Germany was the main and biggest lose while great Britan and the allies were victorious

WW2: germany was taken down by the Soviet Union

Vietnam: was won by the north Vietnams armies

-Were there any long term impacts from the conflict?

All these wars were big parts and wars in the Canadian history. many battle fields still hold relics and artifacts from previous wars.



  1. How do people maintain their culture post immigration, and in what ways might they be discouraged from doing so? Find one example in the media for each side.       –The best way to preserve your culture is to keep it alive. Gather as a group not just for holidays, but for ordinary meals, events, or just conversation. Many aspects of culture are difficult to learn in books and museums, including etiquette, body language, and humor.


2.  How does that show people maintaining their cultural heritage or how does it show people being discouraged from that?

People being welcomed into Canada and that might be the big first step for them in feeling accepted and willing to still embrace their culture knowing Canada does not judge and Canada has rights for these people coming and that they are equal to all the other Canadians out in our country.

The second example is one of the biggest figures in the world saying things about a certain group and their problems or imperfections. This would put a lot of people down and they would not feel welcome to wherever there going and the person from that certain group may not feel welcome anywhere else.

3.  Based on the two samples you have found, do you think Canada is a multicultural country? Explain why?

In the early 20th century I do not think Canada was a multicultural country. Since 1975 to the present I think Canada is a multicultural country. I think it is multicultural because we have set laws and acts in place to protect and help people wanting to come into Canada and wanting to feel welcome. Even the rest of the world sees Canada as a big multicultural country and praises our accomplishments. Canada strives to be more and more accepting of other races and its beliefs or followings.