Wave phenomena part 1

constructive inference:  when crest from one source meets a crest from another source, energy combine to displace the medium. Something occurs when trough meets through.

destructive inference: when a crest and trough meet, the energies combine to work against each other. they tend to cancel each other.

standing waves: when interfering waves have the same amplitude and wavelength, so the resultant interference pattern remains nearly stationary.

The answer to the question: Destructive inference because those headphones produce the necessary sound waves and add them to the headphone, therefore, they cancel the disturbing sound.

Exploring Wave lab

pulse wave: non- repeating wave.

periodic wave: waves repeating at regular intervals, and has a regular repeating disterbances.

transverse wave: it pulled sideway and disterbances is at the 90 degree angle.

longitude wave: when several turn of the spring compressed and the disterbance is in the same direction as the direction of the travel.


maze game



Instruction:click the flag for stating the game. You have to pass the item through the walls without hitting them, to go through the next level, and if you hit the wall you have to start at the beginning of the same level.

what you learned? I learned how to make the game, and focus on how to pass the level.

what was challenging? it was challenging how to start at the beginning of the game when the item hit the wall.

BY:Flora Salimi

Orthographic projection

What is the orthographic projection?What it is used?

The orthographic projection is engineering a method.projection in which an object is depicted using a paprallel lines to project to a plane.

It’s use for how to build it and to see the measurements.