Week 7 – precalculus 11

This week in precalculus 11 I learned about discriminant. It was an easy lesson. The expression b^2-4ac, is called discriminant of the quadratic equation because it discriminates among the types of possible solution. Here is an example:

calculate the value of the discriminant of this quadratic equation.


first step: write down the equation first b^2-4ac

second step: write down what is a, b and c

a= 2       b=-8    c= 4

third step: put everything in the equation



this equation has two real roots so 97> 0

Week 6 – precalculus 11

.This week in precalculus 11 I learned about the quadratic equation. At first, it was a little bit confusing but after memorizing the song for quadratic formula, that was easier for me to solve quadratic equations.

Here is the formula:

Here is an example: